Friday, September 30, 2005

Down side of Fiji Politics.

Australian Foreign Minister is quite experienced in giving false promises. For sure, the Fiji Garment industry is dying a slow death and Australian authorities are not overly concerned, simply because China easily under-cuts Fiji prices.

Fiji Electricity Authority is absurd if they think Landowners would be open to their crooked way of dealing.
Yet Qarase's speech at the United Nations General Assembly demonstrates his shifty political rhetoric in Indigenous Rights applications in Fiji.

Public Service Commission C.E.O is more concerned about the Nurses strike than transparency in dealing with public funds.

Fiji's has a role in the new Pacific region Satellite services. This does not mean, that monoploy status enjoyed by Fiji T.V should be become permanent. Copyright enforcement on infringements must be done by a specialised Government agency. It's obvious that, Fiji Police are more equipped to deal with old-fashioned crime.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fiji's Domino theory of Chained Development.

Australian Foreign Minister, Architect and thief of East Timor Oil, should be more concerned about intrusive comments on domestic matters. These imperialistic type of posturing by Australia is definately hypercritical.
Qarase ready to defend the state's reaction to the floods. As well as other inconsistencies in the land and sugar issues.

These overseas experts brokered by the Fiji Government is a dubious a way to justify the controversial R.T.U Bill. Even though, Fiji's economic position is terrible.
Traditional Fijian Music and culture competition is another of those Non-Government initiative programs, that Fiji will benefit greatly from.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The lack of Corporate responsibility in Fiji.

Alarming statistics on religious sacrilege is glossed over by Fiji Government, despite continuing their lip service of adhering to human rights at the United Nations by Qarase.
Fiji P.M, admits the need for Labour Party support in changing Laws. Fiji floods puts the spotlight on meteorology office performance.

Monasavu case in Supreme Court dispatches indicate a greater campaign of abuse by Fiji Government. Basically Fiji Electricity Authority thinks it can seize land for it's own purposes, with compensating people.
Fiji does not have eminent domain legislations. If it did, those laws don't apply to Native owned lands.

Another simmering land dispute in the much publicised Yaqara Group's Studio Project, which is riddled with underhand dealings at the expense of the landowner.

Fiji Minister of Industrial relations comments indicate the serious need to further his education in Governance.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Muddy influence of cronyism in Fiji.

The Monasavu case the Lawyers for the victimized landowners fire their opening salvo, in the F$52 million Law suit.

Isireli Fa the Principal Lawyer is being summoned as a witness to the double dealing by Fiji government.

Even the so called Fiji experts in commerce need a Consultant for a corporate overhaul.
It also questions the very abilities of those in Government finance positions. C'mon that's your job the consultant is doing. Like the Peter Principle, these buffoons justify their incompetance by shifting the blame to another scape goat of inefficiency in Fiji, the board of Directors.

This consultant should also access the Fijian framework of Provincial councils. And report in detail, the extent of the mess there too.

Tuinavitilevu chiefly post is to be filled by the son of the dearly departed chief. A serious flaw in the handing over process of the reigns, which goes against the grain of Viti culture.

In the wake of this new Employment Relations Bill, another strike notice is issued by the Fiji Electricity Authority unions.
There are 4 different Employee catergories in F.E.A. They are: Unestablished staff, Established staff, Senior staff and Executive staff. The first strike notice was from a union repesenting a portion of the unestablished staff. This new strike notice has the backing of the Staff Union.

Strikes are besides the bigger problems, like Fiji's pathetic economic position driven by unrealistic policies by Qarase.
The proposed cross-media ownership in Fiji will bring up serious questions of audience market segments and defining local content in advertising, as well in broadcast media. These are issues that affect everyone in Fiji.

According to the Fiji Government officials Freedom of Information Laws are in the proverbial pipeline.!
Yeah, so is my million dollar check
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Fiji's woes of deceipt.

Brimestone Senator is convicted by Fiji court.

Convicted Senators still receive State Allowances.

That sums up the whole enchilada of affairs in Fiji.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fiji's destiny- Hanging in the balance.

Fiji leaders need a slap of reality to wake them up. Fiji Medical Authorities are also living in another world,
With their piece-meal, top-centered contigency planning, that does not even address the poor working conditions of medical professionals in Fiji.

Government lip service to Fiji education rings hollow when reports of students being used for school fundraising.

The Qoliqoli of Fijian traditional fishing ground rights of frameworks is being questioned by a Chief.

The same archaic Feudal system that has outlived it's purpose says Fiji High Court Judge, John Connors.

Fiji's real time debt is increasing says C.E.O of Finance Ministry. All but one Provincial council
financial positions are even worse.

The question of credibility of Parliament audio recordings is in the spotlight.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fiji styled Solutions to World class problems.

Fiji's adherence to the Law and order comes at a hefty price.

Ministers in Qarase's Cabinet have an uncanny skill of blowing their mouth off. Fiji's poor financial footing is being justified by rookie Finance Ministry C.E.O.
Some Chiefs in Fiji have alot arrogance to throw around.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Entrenched mindsets in Fiji politics that can't change.

Fiji Police are under scrutiny for revelations of it's lack of commitment, in investigating 2000 coup leads divulged by jailed participants.

Native Lands Trust Board is playing a viscious game of shifty deals on the Monasavu compensation case, which will be their demise. Fiji Landowners are bringing in the heavy artillery of Australian lawyers
in defending their rights, which have been abused repeatedly by these instruments of native affairs.

All Ministers in Qarases's Cabinet have dirt on their names. As with all other
agencies of Fiji Government.
Government of India gives Qarase an ultimatum. Pursue the controversy R.T.U Bill and we eliminate proposed Aid projects.

Debates in Fiji Parliament have descended into abysmal mud slinging, at the expense of progress. Some Ministers
are promising the sun and the moon just to get re-elected.
Ba Provinicial Council is probably the only indigenous organization in Fiji with their head screwed on, right.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Characteristics of deception in Fiji Policing.

More details surounding the execution of the 2000 coup is revealed by participants. Details of a cover-up by police is sketchy but possible. Having a 30 page document condensed to just 7 pages by the Fiji Police is
technically tampering with evidence. I now understand Inspector William Driver's comments recently which glosses over the details of the written confessions.

Monasavu Landowners file Lawsuit against the Fiji Government.

This is going to be a cracker and it has demonstrated that Landowners are getting empowered to fight for these long standing claims and about time too, for certain this will definately shed light on the dubious practices of Native Lands Trust Board who have lobbied to keep the case out of court and is following up with amendments to the Native Lands Act to prevent Landowners from taking legal action against them.

Methodist Church in Fiji keep trying to change laws as well, maybe it's distracting maneuvers from their gross ineptitude in the spritual department and making up for their inadequacies in the political sphere. This applies to the G.C.C as well who is raising petty Marijuana issues derived from uneven the economic fruits that they themselves enjoy at the expense of the massses.
G.C.C has no powers or solutions to the problem to eradicate their conerns. So what good are they, at all? Did the G.C.C fight for the rights of the Monasavu landowners? No.

The G.C.C are the proverbial establishment who are looking after their own interests! Not the common Fijian landowner. Thus, the perilous ledge which the future of the Fijian race is perched.

Fiji's terrible credit rating is an utter embarassment and a reflection on those in the Ministry of Finance. A nation her size in relation to her appitite for financial debt, driven by the unrealistic policies of Qarase and his cohorts. If that is not enough, Qarase is tabling another tacky Employer Relations Bill that probably erodes the power of Unions.

Qarase's S.D.L Party is now officially one of built on utter disrepute after details of the Agricultural Scheme points to the helm. Fiji Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources are scurrying around to improve "slave type" wage levels to deter the threats of strike by E.G.M Miner's union.
A National Library in Fiji is long overdue. Albeit most welcome.
Politicians must remember Libraries must be established along with a viable recruitment system for Librarians and the necessary funds for procuring updated books and equipment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Difficult times in Fiji, requires an honest and continuous self-evaluation.

Some Government appointed Senators have
no ounce of integrity at all, when in dealing with state matters. Other Politicians have a definate problem of prioritising projects. It's obvious this is just a face-saving exercise.

Fiji's future- the children will be paying the price of Politician's incompetance!

The establishment of a specialised Traffic court system is a good idea.

E.G.M- Emperor Greedy Mine is facing strike action. This is going to be quite interesting, due to the timing prior to 2006 elections, which could favour the Union.
Conspiracy of the 2000 coup is slowly unravelled by participants who have changed their tunes.
Qarase's proposed trip to India will be an eye opener in the world's largest democracy, claims Fiji Sun.

FIji Landowners in Labasa are sick of Government excuses, meanwhile N.L.T.B is enjoying their lap of luxury at the expense of them.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Symbiosis of Calamity held by Corrupt Politicians, like Senator Tora

Senator Tora gets his acquittal overturned by a right thinking Judge.

Fisheries and Forestry Minister Yabaki should be forced to resign for exceeding his own authority by commenting on the snail's pace of the budding industry. Since most of those Hardwood plantations in Fiji are not state owned.

Some Government appointed Senators have
absolutely no idea of what it takes to become an effective Politician.

Supervisor of Elections doesn't know whether he's coming or going! Another opportunity for electoral abuse, in the upcoming 2006 elections.

Un-verified rhetoric that is really cookie-cutter responses by Fiji National Provident Fund on critics who accuse them of throwing caution to the wind in regard to investing member's funds with out their consent. This commerce commission must also have the knowledge of oversight mechanisms to scrutinize F.N.P.F too.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Moving Fiji Forward.

Hughes steps up to the proverbial plate and warns instigators of hate.
Meanwhile these incidiary comments are done in the public submission phase of the R.T.U Bill and shockingly does not raise a single concern with anyone in the Reconciliation Ministry of Fiji Government, who are nothing but a liability to the process of unity. Member of Parliament and General Voters Party President, Mike Beddoes's comments is a hallmark of a visionary to the down trodden people of Fiji.
Proposed Immigration Department Questionaire is under fire for invading privacy.
Perhaps they're trying to find out how much booze people buy. In any case, it's an exercise in futility!

Rising political concerns of the idea to lower the voting age in Fiji, is a breath of fresh air in political dialogue. The present high age limit is another barrier to political equality in Fiji.
Give Fiji's Youth a voice!

No taxes without representation!

Fiji Landowners have a new model to aspire to and can now relinquish the chains of N.L.T.B

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dilapidated elements of concern in Fiji Planning.

Qarase is applying his usual tactic of evading responsibility in his U.N speech. Fiji police needs a serious workshop on crowd control. However Commisioner Hughes is raising concerns that are not a priority or may be re-iterating his home nation of Australia's concern,
Poverty Alleviation is an uphill battle especialy when dealing with culture.

Maybe Music could be a way in Fiji for social mobility,
advises Seru Serevi, a reknown local musician.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The disparity in creative thinking in Fiji.

New Alliance Party who is also a chief declares that Chiefs involved in the 2000 coup plot should face the wrath of justice.

S.D.L party defends their practice of educating rural voters, despite them being informed prior by officials in Fiji election office.
Fiji Tax Department is thinking of new ways to tax the Fiji public.
How about a Stamp Duty Act, to tax all legal
papers created in both Fiji Goverment and Private Sector?

Fiji Academic suggests that the Police and Army should have a joint-operating platform during crucial and volatile periods.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Qarase's flawed policy of Appeasement.

The phone call investigation has just been completed.
This whole episode would have never seen the light of day if anyone else was the victim.

Surely the Environment should be a good cause for the Fiji Government to undertake proactively. Like George Bush glossing over the fundamentals of the Kyoto Protocol. For their ignorance and lack of implementation and appropiation of funds for Levy Protection. Then, New Orleans gets slammed by Katrina. Ophelia is hitting Carolina coasts.
Now everybody in Federal Government are now re-evaluating their positions due to political pressure.
Unfortunately it basically sums up the general mindset:
All Talk, no action! Especially after the Plot B post 2000 coup investigations continue involving Senator Tora and perhaps, others.
Marijuana is a menace screams Fiji Police Commisioner, while preaching to the choir of Police counterparts. Fiji TV defending the benefits of C-band Satellite transmissions as opposed to KU-band.
This is where Fiji's Communications Authority has failed to enforce and progress with technology.

Qarase and his hench men attending these overseas sympossiums and conventions should be scrutinized for their worth.
How much exactly in terms of dollars does Fiji gain while spending for all these overseas excursions?

For spending all that money, especially when the Fiji treasury is emptied by Qarase's own Ministers as highlighted by the A.G report, like a bunch of drunken sailors.
Whatever deal this Executive Lionel Yee and Kalivati Bakani is involved in, it is always cloaked in hypocrisy and and painted in grays of white collar abuse.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dichotomy of Governance and the lack of Corporate social responsibility in Fiji.

The need for a bonafide Freedom of Information Legislation in Fiji is sorely needed after details of Government Agenciesrefusing access to records by investigators.
This is precisely the reason why every single process for the 2006 elections registration must be scrutinized.

Vodaphone Fiji needs to get use to competition real fast.
Who cares about your bottom line?
Human Development has not been addressed by successive Fiji Governments, simply because of ingrained Colonial policies.

This new program offered by Fiji Institute of Technology took a well intentioned foreigner to initiate, which is the,
Sad Situation due to the lack of creative planners in all sectors of Fiji Government!