Sunday, September 18, 2005

Moving Fiji Forward.

Hughes steps up to the proverbial plate and warns instigators of hate.
Meanwhile these incidiary comments are done in the public submission phase of the R.T.U Bill and shockingly does not raise a single concern with anyone in the Reconciliation Ministry of Fiji Government, who are nothing but a liability to the process of unity. Member of Parliament and General Voters Party President, Mike Beddoes's comments is a hallmark of a visionary to the down trodden people of Fiji.
Proposed Immigration Department Questionaire is under fire for invading privacy.
Perhaps they're trying to find out how much booze people buy. In any case, it's an exercise in futility!

Rising political concerns of the idea to lower the voting age in Fiji, is a breath of fresh air in political dialogue. The present high age limit is another barrier to political equality in Fiji.
Give Fiji's Youth a voice!

No taxes without representation!

Fiji Landowners have a new model to aspire to and can now relinquish the chains of N.L.T.B

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