Thursday, September 22, 2005

Entrenched mindsets in Fiji politics that can't change.

Fiji Police are under scrutiny for revelations of it's lack of commitment, in investigating 2000 coup leads divulged by jailed participants.

Native Lands Trust Board is playing a viscious game of shifty deals on the Monasavu compensation case, which will be their demise. Fiji Landowners are bringing in the heavy artillery of Australian lawyers
in defending their rights, which have been abused repeatedly by these instruments of native affairs.

All Ministers in Qarases's Cabinet have dirt on their names. As with all other
agencies of Fiji Government.
Government of India gives Qarase an ultimatum. Pursue the controversy R.T.U Bill and we eliminate proposed Aid projects.

Debates in Fiji Parliament have descended into abysmal mud slinging, at the expense of progress. Some Ministers
are promising the sun and the moon just to get re-elected.
Ba Provinicial Council is probably the only indigenous organization in Fiji with their head screwed on, right.

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