Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The lack of Corporate responsibility in Fiji.

Alarming statistics on religious sacrilege is glossed over by Fiji Government, despite continuing their lip service of adhering to human rights at the United Nations by Qarase.
Fiji P.M, admits the need for Labour Party support in changing Laws. Fiji floods puts the spotlight on meteorology office performance.

Monasavu case in Supreme Court dispatches indicate a greater campaign of abuse by Fiji Government. Basically Fiji Electricity Authority thinks it can seize land for it's own purposes, with compensating people.
Fiji does not have eminent domain legislations. If it did, those laws don't apply to Native owned lands.

Another simmering land dispute in the much publicised Yaqara Group's Studio Project, which is riddled with underhand dealings at the expense of the landowner.

Fiji Minister of Industrial relations comments indicate the serious need to further his education in Governance.

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