Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fiji's destiny- Hanging in the balance.

Fiji leaders need a slap of reality to wake them up. Fiji Medical Authorities are also living in another world,
With their piece-meal, top-centered contigency planning, that does not even address the poor working conditions of medical professionals in Fiji.

Government lip service to Fiji education rings hollow when reports of students being used for school fundraising.

The Qoliqoli of Fijian traditional fishing ground rights of frameworks is being questioned by a Chief.

The same archaic Feudal system that has outlived it's purpose says Fiji High Court Judge, John Connors.

Fiji's real time debt is increasing says C.E.O of Finance Ministry. All but one Provincial council
financial positions are even worse.

The question of credibility of Parliament audio recordings is in the spotlight.

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