Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Difficult times in Fiji, requires an honest and continuous self-evaluation.

Some Government appointed Senators have
no ounce of integrity at all, when in dealing with state matters. Other Politicians have a definate problem of prioritising projects. It's obvious this is just a face-saving exercise.

Fiji's future- the children will be paying the price of Politician's incompetance!

The establishment of a specialised Traffic court system is a good idea.

E.G.M- Emperor Greedy Mine is facing strike action. This is going to be quite interesting, due to the timing prior to 2006 elections, which could favour the Union.
Conspiracy of the 2000 coup is slowly unravelled by participants who have changed their tunes.
Qarase's proposed trip to India will be an eye opener in the world's largest democracy, claims Fiji Sun.

FIji Landowners in Labasa are sick of Government excuses, meanwhile N.L.T.B is enjoying their lap of luxury at the expense of them.


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