Friday, September 30, 2005

Down side of Fiji Politics.

Australian Foreign Minister is quite experienced in giving false promises. For sure, the Fiji Garment industry is dying a slow death and Australian authorities are not overly concerned, simply because China easily under-cuts Fiji prices.

Fiji Electricity Authority is absurd if they think Landowners would be open to their crooked way of dealing.
Yet Qarase's speech at the United Nations General Assembly demonstrates his shifty political rhetoric in Indigenous Rights applications in Fiji.

Public Service Commission C.E.O is more concerned about the Nurses strike than transparency in dealing with public funds.

Fiji's has a role in the new Pacific region Satellite services. This does not mean, that monoploy status enjoyed by Fiji T.V should be become permanent. Copyright enforcement on infringements must be done by a specialised Government agency. It's obvious that, Fiji Police are more equipped to deal with old-fashioned crime.

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