Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Big Picture of Fiji Political mud.

A background paper on Fiji and the volatile land issue which has been the catalyst for numerous conflicts and cannon fodder for politicians.

Familiarity breeds contempt. End game for Fiji would probably be the 'Latinization' of the Pacific.

First get a glimpse of the 1987 Coup. The deaths of Timoci Bavadra and Jone Veisamasama are suspicious. Too bad C.S.I isn't around when they're needed. Were both, victims of a hit?

This confirms that the coup culture in Fiji has foreign elements to it. The subsequent coup in 2000 was just another black operation by C.I.A.
Other tentacles of U.S Foreign Policy which the C.I.A plays a big role.

Their use of former British SAS instructor Ligairi and the complex system of funding to reinforce plausible deniability. Commisioner Hughes is slowly getting to the bottom of this by following the money. The investigation stumbling blocks are out in force to protect the identities of those linked from being publicized.
Colonel Seruvakula has mentioned several high profile names. It makes sense why Qarase is adamant of tabling the Reconciliation BULL designed by Legal advisor, criminal master mind - Qoronasi Bale.

Tupeni Baba, one of the hostages launched a book on the 2000 coup recently. He is a close relative of Ligairi and during a passing conversation with him, Ligairi stated that he was requested to head this operation by a shadowy group whilst he was at his village in Vanua Levu.

The day by day coverage of events during 2000 coups courageously done by University of the South Paciifc students.
Another summary table of the 2000 coup events.

Back to present reality, we are witnessing a new phase in Fiji. The trend of corporate greed and state corruption has been embraced by the S.D.L Government.
This Reconciliation Bill by S.D.L Government is another example of their arrogance.

We see a new trend of an old formula. "Divide and Rule!"
S.D.L's billigerent attitude to the numerous vocal opposition to the Bill reminds me of the words of Woodrow Wilson, former President of the United States.
..."If you come to me double fisted. I can promise you that mine will double as fast as yours. But if you come to me and say, Let us sit down and take counsel together, and if we differ from one another just what the points at issue are. We will presently find that if we have only the patience, the candor and the desire to get together; we will get together"...

Equal Rights should be tattoed onto the foreheads of Qarase and his S.D.L party band of scoundrels deluxe. Qoroniasi Bale should be forced to recite Wilson's words when he cleans the urinal buckets of Korovou Prison barehanded.
Fiji Law Society's attempts to question the legal foundations of the Bill is a hollow gesture. Since the organization itself mysteriously cleared Qoroniasi Bale from charges of misappropriating clients funds; after being barred from the legal roll in the late 90's.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Fiji's Legal and Political woes Could Originate from the deed of cession.

Here's the deed of destruction.

This paper has shaken my core values of the entire Fijian social framework and highlights the cavelier and arrogant manner in how these organizations have managed the affairs of the Fiji Taukei in a condescending fashion.
It is a key stone to the solution of complex and reoccuring problems in Fijian society, arguably a catalyst to Fiji's 3 coups which will be discussed in detail later. (2 in 1987, 1 in 2000). A perfect storm that gives rise to the Latinization of the Pacific with the foreign elements being the puppet masters.
The fleecing will continue until people voice their disgust with the system. The traditional way of 'vakarokoroko' or respect to the authority has compounded the problem of corruption as well as lax legislation and oversight.

Questioning this authority guarantees many enemies who are comfortable with the status quo. It is time that the Taukei conscientous objectors actually put their 'best foot forward' and resist being taken for another garden path tour or being held hostage to voodoo economics subscribed to by succesive Fiji Governments preached by colonial era organizations that have outlived their usefulness.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.