Monday, October 31, 2005

For whom the Bell tolls.

Fiji Electricity Authority finally gets a Fiji Supreme Court order to pay $F52 million, as a penalty for short-changing landowners as well as leading them on.
Signifying that traditional Fijian ( Taukei) verbal contracts are valid and legally binding under Fiji's law.

New legislation on regulating Real Estate agents and Consumer Credit in Fiji is another milestone in positive progress in Fiji. Ensuring equal and open economy that is absent of cronyism is perhaps the biggest barrier to these new laws without an enforcement agencies other than the Fiji Police.

Chiefly office holder disputes places the spotlight on the authorities and their hidden agendas carefully camouflaged in their flawed decision making abilities.

This archaic governance framework of Native Instruments are not transparent and often use culture to create more bureacracy in Government like this proposed concept of a Fijian Court System raised by Fiji's crooked Attorney General, Qoroniasi Bale.

Another contentious issue is the reverting back of native fishing grounds to the indigenous guardians; which will have to negotiated in an open forum.
Fiji Chamber of Commerce President has already raised the issue of Fiji traditions being a stumbling block to progress.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Endless supply of Arrogance in Fiji Governance.

Minister for Provincial Development admits the Fiji Government laxity in maintaining rivers that are notorious for flooding.

Cumbersome equipment management and procurement highlights the neglect by state agencies in Fiji. Diplomatic trade negotiations between Australia and Fiji moves at a snail's pace, perhaps even slower due to entrenched positions as well as Fiji's shaky political track record.

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Hypocrisy of Fiji's Politicians.

Threats against turncoats by the shadowy private security firm headed by former British 22 SAS veteran of 20 years demonstrates the perilous security in Fiji.

Fiji Association of School Prinicipals is advocating a proactive mentality within their ranks.

Fijian Holdings congratulate themselves for a successful year of ripping off consumers with their trade that mirrors anti-trust type of dealings.

Laisa Vulakoro's produced indigenous music competition has embarked on
a pioneering voyage of empowerment.
Stuck in Fiji Mud welcomes the initiatives
of this individual and wishes her well in her future undertakings in the realm of entertainment, that has been dis-enfranchised by succesive Fiji Governments. Especially in light of the potential for local produced films in Fiji.

However, care must ne taken that the wage framework of royalties does not escape attention of the local stakeholders.
Stuck in Fiji Mud advocates the establishment of Entertainment Law provisions in Fiji Intellectual Property legislations.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Turmoil in Qarase's circle.

Excessive costs for a Civil Service award ceremony
, is an example
of missed priorities by Qarase's Government.

Fiji Customs Authorities are following up closely, on the case of Turkish nationals demanding from Yachties, a passage to New Zealand.

Reserve Bank of Fiji's monetary policy has supply side ecconomic theory attached to it.

Voter Education prior to 2006 elections leaves alot to be desired from officials. Flood victims in Fiji's Suva area, say Government officials are insensitive to the poor.

Minerva Reef between Tonga and Fiji is in dispute, which will have to resolved at the United Nations claims Fiji Attorney General.

Parliamentry standing orders has been routinely flanked by Polticians says Senator Atu-Bain.

Fiji cannot fight the Drug wars, as well as the fight against poverty says Senator Viliame Navoka.
Highlighting the scourge of economic realities that Politicians have failed to rectify; dis-enfranchising rural dwellers in Fiji; who are already struggling to cope; against flawed policies of consecutive Fiji Governments.

Unfortunately, not eveyone in Fiji enjoys the luxury of vacation time.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Beating around the Bush.

Fiji Governments's rhetoric about free education is false says Association of Pricipals.

Price structure of Calling cards are daylight robbery.

100 Million dollars to re-tool Fiji Sugar industry is a nice gesture that requires more study.
THe call by Fiji Labour Party to investigate Fiji National Provident Fund is a breath of fresh air.

Fiji Electricity Authority is under fire for outstanding tax bills.
Removing Value Added Tax is the objective of Fiji Council of Social Services.

The Tebbutt research poll on contenscious political issues in Fiji Governance is a good measure on the public's sentiment.

Remanants of plots post-2000 coup are unravelling by turn coats.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fiji rocks of inconsistencies.

Fiji Electoral Commission in a tail spin by roping in a senior officer away on overseas studies.

It's a noble cause to examine the financial records of Fiji Parliamentarians.

Fiji Attorney General is calling his own strikes on matters regarding the constitution.
The issue of bringing law into Fijian villages needs to be examined with open dialogue.

Prawn Hatchery project by University of South Pacific in conjunction with private farm entrprise is an example of new strategies.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Missing link in Fiji Governance

Fiji Electoral Commission is under fire for flaws in registration.

Fiji Ministry of Information is practising big-brother techniques on overseas Christian broadcasts.

Poverty in Fiji is a product of poor development for rural dwellers. Added to that
is Fiji's hug debt derived from the rot of corruption within all sectors of Fiji Governance.
The biggest barrier to Fiji's progress is flawed affirmative action for political agendas.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Winds of Change for S.D.L party.

S.D.L political party is blaming a rugby match for their loss in the local Government elections in Fiji. A strong indication of the public's frustrations with the ruling S.D.L party. Meanwhile Fiji's P.M dances the night away with cohorts.

Fiji Labour Party has it's own ideas about reform Fiji Civil Service.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Entrenched corruption and endless Denials by Qarase.

Fiji P.M still has his head buried in the sand andignoring reports of corruption and screw ups in Fiji civil service.

Qarase questions civil servants COLA demands and glosses over wastage like these exorbitant celebrations.

Another exercise in futility is the concept of a Fiji traditional court system. Fiji Commerce Department has acquired new legislative teeth to it's arsenal.

Maybe if Fiji Government could fund a national dramatic arts programs like U.S.P's Dance Theatre concept.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Endless cycle of Denial in Fiji Governance.

It's been made official from unbiased sources of the level of corruption in Fiji public service.
Although in some circles of the top echelon, there still is some denial. Scape goats touted by the leaders of
over staffing is also their own fault of those executives. As such they should be the first to go. Unfortunately accountability is a scarce commodity at that level in Fiji.

Some areas in tourism are reserved for locals, a new ruling by Fiji Governemnt. A welcome move, that has to be enforced by some entity.

The monopoly status quo of television in Fiji is held in place by fear of the establishment in Fiji. This is the same type of underhand dealing that
has kept the telecommunications monopoly in place in Fiji.
Alternatives in negotiating Qoliqoli or Fijian traditional fisheries framework is welcomed in by Hotels Association head. Studio City in Yaqara is now a white elephant despite P.R.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Reforms in Fiji- Takes the 'slow boat to China'.

Native Lands Commmission has no ounce of compassion for lease defaulters.

Reform in Fiji Pubic Service is in the pipeline of promises.

Fiji Labour Party boss correlates the S.D.L Government's performance with the state of Fiji's trade imbalance and general
attitudes of incompetance. Highlighting the catch 22 situational issues of skilled migration and introducing a living wage levels in Fiji.

Solutions to the dichotomy of culture and international fishing restrictions. This is also evident in
the cronyism laced rulings of the Speaker of the House.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dual systems in Fiji.

There are different rules for Chiefs in Fiji. As described
by the cronies
in Fiji Senate and the misapplication of Fiji Law.

Poor are chained to the lifesyle because of the absence of social mobility programs offered by Fiji Government.

That is why more skilled migration from Fiji, the same people contributing to personal remittances to supplement Fiji's export imbalance.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Archaic System of Wealth Distribution and Power in Fiji.

Fijian Senator and Chief gets his political seat declared vacant.

Tourism Resources demand a place at the negotiating table after being short changed by Fiji Government agencies. Unfortunately
there is no political will for reform, at the expense of progress for all. Demonstrating pathetic favoritism by Government for larger businesses.

Fiji Women Crisis Centre say the Government funded Poverty Alleviation week is a waste of money.

Media industry in Fiji are finally realizing their essential communication role during General Elections.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Flawed concept of cultural duality in Fiji Governance.

Give Fiji Army Commander Frank Bainimarama, an official Government apology says Fiji Labour Party President and former Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudary.

Fiji's Telecommunications industry steep prices and poor services signify they are no better than common thieves.

The coalition of Fiji Labour Party and United People party, although a Marriage of Convenience, underlines the
objectives of alternative electoral bargaining that has alienated the divisional race issues that was a traditional right of passage in most of Fiji elections.

California's East Bay resident is raising the bar in achievements and reminding people of Fiji, on their potential for success.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Phasing out mis-information in Fiji Governance.

Fiji roads are potmarked with craters and the organization involved is clueless.
University of Fiji is breaking new ground with overseas affiliation.

The flawed perception of Fiji has been dished out by Fiji Visitors Bureau and is seen as an elite destination only, by Americans.

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