Monday, September 19, 2005

Symbiosis of Calamity held by Corrupt Politicians, like Senator Tora

Senator Tora gets his acquittal overturned by a right thinking Judge.

Fisheries and Forestry Minister Yabaki should be forced to resign for exceeding his own authority by commenting on the snail's pace of the budding industry. Since most of those Hardwood plantations in Fiji are not state owned.

Some Government appointed Senators have
absolutely no idea of what it takes to become an effective Politician.

Supervisor of Elections doesn't know whether he's coming or going! Another opportunity for electoral abuse, in the upcoming 2006 elections.

Un-verified rhetoric that is really cookie-cutter responses by Fiji National Provident Fund on critics who accuse them of throwing caution to the wind in regard to investing member's funds with out their consent. This commerce commission must also have the knowledge of oversight mechanisms to scrutinize F.N.P.F too.

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