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He Who Rides A Tiger Is Afraid To Dismount.

In a follow to SiFM post, Croz Walsh's Blog posting outlines the cognitive dissonance in Mara's sojourn of the Pacific, which seeks to wrestle the big tent philosophical approach from the existing Government.

Croz writes:

His stance is clear but his reasoning is notconsistent. Which goes back to whether it's reasoned or devious. If it's reasoned, it's unwittingly contradictory; if it's devious, the contradiction is deliberate.

On the one hand, he claims that more than half the military and most grassroots (ethnic?) "Fijians" want to get rid of Bainimarama, using hearsay to support his claim.

Fiji government opponents say people in Fiji are too afraid to talk. If this is true, how can Mara, in New Zealand, have any idea of the extent of opposition to Bainimarama? They can't both be right. Like most information, veracity depends on its source. Mara's sources are Mara supporters, and we have no idea how representative they might be.

One must also ask, had this level of opposition to Bainimarama existed when he was in the military, why did he not use it. It is, after all, much easier to launch an attack from within Fiji with 400 troops at your back than it is, troop-less, from without.

On the other hand, he calls for military intervention by Australia and New Zealand. But why, going back to his earlier claim, is this needed if more than half the military and ethnic Fijians really want to get rid of Bainimarama?

Mara's interview on TVNZ program Tagata Pasifika(video posted below).

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Vodafone Clears Air on Blog site Comments | The Jet - Fiji's First Dedicated Community Newspaper

Croz Walsh's blog posting highlighted the race baiting and concocted story that was published on C4.5 blog.

The Jet, an online community newspaper, published a response from Vodafone Board Chair, Lionel Yee, whose statement cleared any lingering doubts to the story and further eroded any remaining credibility that the blog C4.5 and its affiliates had.

The excerpt of Jet Newspaper online article:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It has come to the attention of the management of Vodafone Fiji Limited that certain blog sites have published information about its Managing Director and Vodafone Fiji which are defamatory, libelous, and false.
Aslam Khan, right, with PM Frank Bainimarama

 Vodaphone Fiji, Managing Director Aslam Khan

Mr Aslam Khan has been at the helm of Vodafone Fiji for the last seventeen years with an impeccable record and distinguished professional career. He is a respected business executive and member of the community.As a result it has become necessary to issue a statement in response to these false published statements.
Accordingly, Vodafone Fiji states the following:
  • Aslam Khan has never been detained in the United States.
  • Aslam Khan has never been frisked in the United States by Stage Agents of the United States at anytime;
  • Neither Aslam Khan nor Vodafone is involved in financing terrorist activities or terrorism.
No military personnel in the history of Vodafone Fiji, throughout Fiji’s history of political instability, have ever been permitted to neither enter our exchange nor monitor calls.Vodafone Fiji does not have the technological capabilities to allow mobile phones to be tapped or intercepted.Nor is there any legislation in Fiji that permits the Interception or monitoring of calls by state agents unlike countries such as Australia and New Zealand which have Interception Act.Mobile phone billing records are only released to the Director CID’s office on production of a court order such as [a] search warrant.Statement Issued and signed by:Mr. Lionel YeeBoard ChairmanVodafone Fiji Limited
About Vodafone Fiji:Vodafone Fiji Limited is part of Vodafone Group Plc, a leading mobile communications company with over 335 million proportionate customers worldwide.

Vodafone Fiji is a partnership with Amalgamated Telecom Holding Fiji and is the pioneer and largest mobile telecommunications network provider in country. The global company has equity interests in 32 countries and partner networks in a further 52 countries, the largest global footprint.

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Brazil Approves Appointment of Fiji’s New Envoy.

13th July 2011, Suva: The Government of Brazil has communicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation its agreement to the appointment of Mr. Cama Tuiqilaqila Tuiloma as Fiji’s first Ambassador to Brazil.
Cama Tuiloma. 
Fiji established diplomatic relations with Brazil on 16th February 2006. The joint communiqué was signed in New York by the then Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations HE Mr. Isikia Savua (deceased) and the Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN HE Mr. Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg establishing full diplomatic relations between Fiji and Brazil. This was after the approval from the Fiji Cabinet at its 6th Meeting in its decision no. 141 of 28th March 2000.

Mr. Tuiloma has served Government for 37 years with his last appointment as the Permanent Secretary for Works, Transport & Public Utilities. From July to December 2008, Mr. Tuiloma was Fiji’s Acting High Commissioner to New Zealand.
Brazil is the largest national economy in Latin America, the world’s eighth largest economy at market exchange rates and the seventh largest in purchasing power parity (PPP), according to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The economy of Brazil is diverse encompassing agriculture, industry and services.
Fiji has been able to trade with Brazil in goods re-exporting items such as vehicle parts and articles of steel and ore. Fiji’s imports from Brazil include amongst others vegetable products, coffee, prepared food stuff, beverages, spirits, vinegar, tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes, chemicals, plastics, grains, footwear items, glassware, ceramic products, jewelry , iron and steel.
Fiji and Brazils interest in the multilateral negotiations in the Doha is linked with the ‘W 52 sponsor” of countries in the negotiations on trade related intellectual property rights (TRIPS) in particular on geographical indication and disclosure.
The opening of Fiji’s Embassy in Brazil follows the successful opening in April this year of Fiji’s Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia and the opening later this month of our new Embassy in South Africa.
The establishments of these new Missions are in line with Pillar 11 of the Peoples Charter which is, “Enhancing Global Integration and International Relations”. Under this Pillar:
“Fiji must reassert itself to regain its rightful place in the regional and international family of nations. Improved foreign and international relations are essential for achieving this. Our representations overseas will be boosted to ensure that Fiji’s vision and aspirations is well understood by our trading and development partners.
Enhanced global integration and partnerships will result in increased trade and cooperation including technical assistance and aid for trade. Bilateral and multilateral arrangements will be actively pursued with our development and trading partners. Fiji will strengthen its investment and trade facilitation through enhanced negotiation capacity and improved trade infrastructure.”
The opening of Fiji’s Embassy in Brazil is to be done later in the year.

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Lau Provincial Council's Newest New Chair.

FBCL - News

Bole is new Lau Provincial Council Chairperson

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Filipe Bole is the new chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council – replacing Adi Ateca Ganilau who was elected into the position yesterday.

The decision was made this morning after government asked the Bose ni Yasana to reconsider the leadership of the Council – following an outburst by Adi Ateca against the Peoples Charter and the government at yesterday’s close of session.

Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni told FBC News government made it clear that assistance to the province and the people of Lau would continue and not be affected – but they would not be able to work with Adi Ateca after the comments she made.

The delegates were asked to deliberate further on the stance of the chairperson – due to her outburst yesterday – in which she clearly showed her intention that she is not willing to work with government.

That’s the gist of government’s message this morning – that if this is the stance of the chairperson, it is unfortunate and government will not be able to work with someone who does not see eye to eye with government’s development plans.

Leweni adds the Council was given an hour to discuss the issue and after deliberations appointed Education Minister Filipe Bole as chair.

He says they had no problem with Adi Ateca’s election as chair until she made the outburst.
Prime Minister’s Office official Kisoko Cagituivei told FBC News Adi Ateca agreed to step down after Leweni told the Council government could not work with her.

The forced resignation of the Adi Ateca Ganilau, the elder sister of the fugitive Tevita Mara, was an inevitable outcome, following her unwarranted remarks.

Adi Ateca Ganilau steps down from Chairman’s post
Publish date/time: 13/07/2011 [13:11]

The chairperson of the Lau Provincial Council Adi Ateca Ganilau who was appointed yesterday has stepped down from the post in the last hour.

As the final day of the Provincial Council meeting continues in Nadi, Education Minister Filipe Bole has now been appointed as the Chair of the Lau Provincial Council while his deputy is Roko Josefa Dalainauluvatu.

Adi Ateca Ganilau stepped down after one hour was given by Commissioner Eastern Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni to the 40 official council members to sit together at the meeting venue and discuss the importance of development in the province and the benefits of supporting the People’s Charter.

Lieutenant Colonel Leweni addressed the council members this morning after Adi Ateca said that she does not support the People’s Charter and the leadership.

Lieutenant Colonel Leweni told Fijivillage after his speech that the Chair and members of the Provincial Council should think of the people of the province of Lau and set other issues aside that would hinder the developments in Lau.

He also said people should remember that the Provincial Councils are governed by the I-Taukei Affairs Act and are fully funded by the government.

The Lau Provincial Council had supported the People’s Charter when it was first taken around to the councils.

Lieutenant Colonel Leweni said he cannot say why Adi Ateca decided to reject the Charter yesterday despite the earlier endorsement of the council.

Story by: Vijay Narayan and Tokasa Rainima

Ganilau's departure from helm of the Provincial Council, is in no uncertain terms, a recognizable and irreversible flushing out of individuals with ties to Tevita Mara (currently in Australia) and the final nail to the coffin of the Mara clan, politically speaking.

PM directs return of reef to Oneata

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taken from / By: Google

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has instructed Fisheries Permanent Secretary Commander Viliame Naupoto to freeze all licenses and regulations with regards to the qoliqoli rights of the people of Oneata to their reef - known as Bukatatanoa.

Oneata elders told the PM on the island last night that the qoliqoli rights to the reef was given to Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara to manage in 1979 - as he was to advise them on how best the reef should be utilised.

However two years ago, according to the elders, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara informed them that the Bukatatanoa reef qoliqoli rights now belonged to the Tui Lau, and this was gazzetted through the Department of Fisheries.

FBC News has sighted documents that the reef was gazetted to the Tui Lau in 1994 under then Native Fisheries Commissioner the late Navitalai Navunisaravi.

Oneata elders say this was done without their knowledge, nor were discussions or meetings held on the matter, and they did not raise the issue further - out of respect.

However last night, the elders raised their concerns with Bainimarama who directed that all rights governing the reef be re-looked at, and that only the people of Oneata would be able to use and manage the reef.

Report by : Apisalome Coka

The Mara legacy of decade long dominance to provincial affairs in Lau, has overlapped to questionable business ties. 
One particular case of Bukatatanoa reef involving the Mara clan's sense of patrimony, that abuses their cultural authority to a degree bordering on criminal.

Bainimarama reverses Mara rule
Writer : Losalini Rasoqosoqo in Lau

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has reversed a decision made by the late Tui Nayau, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.
This is over the ownership of Bukatatanoa Reef at Oneata
Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, on a week-long tour of Lau, met Oneata islanders on Tuesday night.
During the meeting, he ordered proceedings to start for the return of Bukatatanoa Reef to Oneata islanders after it was gazzetted in 1994 that the reef belonged to the Tui Lau, Ratu Mara.
The reef was given to Ratu Mara to manage then through his status as Tui Lau. The elders told Commodore Bainimarama that the fishing rights to the reef was given to Ratu Mara to manage in 1979, as the Tui Lau.
Fiji Sun gathered that it was gazetted to the Tui Lau (Rt Mara) in 1994 under the then Native Fisheries Commissioner, Navitalai Navunisaravi.
The elders say this was done without their knowledge, nor were discussions or meetings held on the matter. They said two years ago, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, son of Ratu Mara, informed them that the Bukatatanoa Reef fishing rights now belonged to the Tui Lau.
Ratu Tevita is now labelled a fugitive after he fled to Tonga recently while facing a sedition charge.
Commodore Bainimarama told the elders that the traditional fishing grounds, their rights and ownership, would be given back to the people of Oneata.
He told them that there would be no more licenses issued for fishing in their traditional fishing grounds or i qoliqoli.
Prime Minister Bainimarama gave instructions to the Fisheries Department Permanent Secretary, Commander Viliame Naupoto, for all fishing licenses to be stopped so that the people of Oneata can enjoy their rights to the Bukatatanoa, a reef believed to be rich with seafood.
Commodore Bainimarama met Oneata islanders at Waiqori Village.

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Land Destroyer: Globalists' Australian Nexus

Land Destroyer (L.D) post provides a fitting follow up to earlier SiFM posts, here and here and there.
Hat tip to L.D

A globalist rat's nest amidst the rise of Asia.

by Tony Cartalucci Bangkok, Thailand July 5, 2011

Meet the Lowy Institute. Filled with big business interests and perhaps the most degenerate, depraved minds humanity has yet produced, it poses as an "independent international policy think tank," whose objective is to "generate new ideas and dialogue on international developments and Australia’s role in the world."

The word "independent" is somewhat confusing, but what is clear is that it is yet another Fortune 500 run policy and propaganda clearinghouse serving not Australia, but rather the global corporate-financier elite.

Notable corporate members include JP Morgan, Rothschild, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, and Cheveron. While Australian brands like Qantas, BHP Billiton, and the National Australian Bank appear more "indigenous" in nature, the reality is that their boards, like everything in the globalist realm, are an ongoing game of musical chairs between all of the worlds globalist, multinational corporations. For example, BHP Billiton's board of directors alone features Jacques Nasser, formerly of Ford Motor Company and JP Morgan, John Buchanan formally of British Petroleum and Vodafone, Carlos Cordeiro formally of Goldman Sachs, David Crawford formally of Bank of America, and the list goes on and on.

The Lowy Institute's board of directors is something to behold. Sitting at the top, is 80 year-old, accused tax evader, Australian-Israeli Frank Lowy, after whom the institute is named. He currently oversees the Westfield Group, was a board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and sits upon the board of directors of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) - not of Australia, but of Israel. Joining him is son Peter Lowy, who is also a Lowy Institute board member, a RAND Corporation trustee, and a board member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council - not of Australia, but of the United States. Also on the board amongst several others, is Professor Ross Garnaut of the University of Melbourne as well as Australian National University (ANU), Ian Macfarlane formally of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Goldman Sachs, and Temasek Holdings, Professor Robert O'Neill of the corporate-stacked International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), and a former head of ANU's Strategic and Defense Studies Centre.

On Independence of Lowy Institute:

"Lowy Institute is nothing more than a collection of banksters, criminal conspirators, and multinational multi-corporate interests. It is a institute of big business, by big business, and for big business. What is alarming is the vast reach it has within Australia's universities and the alleged "free-press." The name Australian National University comes up more than once and various members of Lowy's staff are also contributors to both Australian and international papers and television networks."

Perhaps most disturbing however is the inclusion of Brookings Institution's Martin Indyk, the co-author of the, frankly speaking, insane "Which Path to Persia?" report where Indyk, fellow Lowy associate Michael O'Hanlon, and others conspired against the nation of Iran to fund known terrorist organizations, engineer fake street protests, buy off members of the Iranian military, and even attempt to provoke Iran into a war it was disinterested in fighting - not for national security, but for what Indyk, O'Hanlon, and others called, "American interests and influence throughout the Middle East."

It then appears that the Lowy Institute is nothing more than a collection of banksters, criminal conspirators, and multinational multi-corporate interests. It is a institute of big business, by big business, and for big business. What is alarming is the vast reach it has within Australia's universities and the alleged "free-press." The name Australian National University comes up more than once and various members of Lowy's staff are also contributors to both Australian and international papers and television networks. Also alarming is the "cross pollination" reflected in Lowy's staff between the institute and other notorious corporate-funded corporate-serving organizations like the Brookings Institution, the International Crisis Group, the fraudulent Harvard Belfer Center, and the warmongering Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Our People: Ties to globalist think-tanks and the media.

Dr. Khalid Koser: Non-Resident Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Dr. Michael Fullilove: Non-Resident Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, Rhodes Scholar, has published articles in The New York Times, the Financial Times, The Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, Slate, The Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, the Australian Financial Review, The Spectator, The Washington Quarterly, The National Interest and Foreign Affairs.

Whit Mason: International Crisis Group while in Kosovo, then speechwriter for the UN Kosovo mission, and USAID in Pakistan.

Paul Kelly: Editor-at-large of The Australian, previously Editor-in-Chief of The Australian. Is a regular commentator on ABC television (Australian Broadcasting Channel).

Dr. Michael Wesley: Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Fiona Cunningham: Interned at the Belfer Center at Harvard University and the International Crisis Group.

Fergus Hanson: Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Own Harries: Published over 200 articles in leading journals and magazines, including Foreign Affairs, Commentary, New Republic, Harper's, OrbisIt should be noted that the "National Interest," Harries' own publication, features such warmongering, illegal conspiratory articles as "Free Baluchistan," and "The Chinese Cozy Up to the Pakistanis" where it is suggested that the United States should fund and arm rebels inside Pakistan to carve up the nation to balk Chinese-Pakistani relations.)

Contamination of Opinions?

"Indeed as we see, regarding just the Lowy Institute alone, it contaminates an entire region's news, media, universities, literature, research, studies, and of course, through the papers and propaganda it produces with the clout it puts behind them, the region's politics and laws as well. The global corporatocracy is everywhere, affecting everything, perhaps so profoundly it escapes one's notice.

Ties to the Australian National University

The Lowy Institute appears to maintain close ties with all of Australia's prominent universities. The Australian National University, however, is one that is stumbled across over and over again, with Lowy co-hosting events, tapping ANU's professors for research papers, and airing its propaganda under a pseudo-academic light. Additionally, many of Lowy's own members have been drawn from ANU's alumni as well as prominent heads of various ANU departments.

Martine Letts: Lowy Institute Deputy Directory, appointed to the ANU Council in 2004.

Professor Hugh White: Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow, professor of Strategic Studies at ANU. Also a regular columnist for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Professor Warwick McKibbin: Lowy Institute Professional Fellow, Director of ANU Research School of Economics, and also a Non-Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Dr. Milton Osborne: Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University.

Professor Alan Dupont: Senior Fellow at ANU's Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.

The first search result that comes up within Lowy Institute's publication archives is an interesting document titled, "Thai studies in Australia." Under "Specialists Consulted," no less than 9 "specialists" came from ANU, including the notoriously intellectually dishonest Andrew Walker of ANU's "New Mandala" blog. Walker is fond of taking regional corporate agendas and shoehorning them into something resembling that of academia to lend them legitimacy they'd otherwise lack. He is also adept at giving the corporatocracy talking points a decidedly liberal spin, drawing in well intentioned people to consider his "work" when otherwise they'd be revolted.

Walker spends his time berating Thailand's self-sufficiency economy, suggesting that encouraging people to be self-reliant agriculturally, the very principle that throughout history has produced the strongest, most resilient nations on earth, somehow excludes them from participating in the "national economy" as well as participating in "electoral democracy." He and his partner, Nicholas Farrelly, post up articles promoting the very worst aspects of the corporate-financiers' NGO creep into sovereign Asia, as progressive and justified.

Right on cue, as National Endowment for Democracy-funded "Bersih 2.0" was preparing for mass demonstrations in Malaysia, Walker's "New Mandala" blog posted the following, "The biggest threat – as perceived by the present administration – to Malaysia’s internal security is a demand for free and fair elections." What Walker failed to research and tell his readership, was the fact that Bersih is on record, with organizers themselves admitting to it, having received funds from the National Endowment for Democracy-funded National Democratic Institute, as well as from globalist bankster George Soros' "Open Society" foundation. The threat then, contrary to what was written on "New Mandala" is not "free and fair elections," but rather foreign-funded sedition led by globalist-stooge, Ibrahim Anwar.

Lowy's propaganda outfit

Walker's "New Mandala" blog also dutifully hits on all the key talking points being pushed by the global corporate-financiers. When an ex-Reuters journalist penned his disingenuous, conveniently timed Wikileaks-based hit piece titled, "Thai Story," Walker was right by his side providing an outlet and badly needed legitimacy for his hackery. But in addition to Walker, there was the Lowy Institute's propaganda mouthpiece, "The Interpreter." After the July 3, 2011 Thai elections, the Interpreter chimed in with "The danger of a Thai civil war" where the globalist, degenerate-filled, elitist think-tank skipped past their client-stooge Thaksin Shinawatra, and laid the blame for Thailand's current political turmoil on the nation's revered monarchy. Citing Marshall's 3,000 unverified, unsubstantiated Wikileaks cables, who Marshall himself claims, is only "believed to have been downloaded by US soldier Bradley Manning in Iraq," the Interpreter suggests it is "journalism of the highest order."

Adding insult to injury, for those who understand how this network operates, the Interpreter cites fellow degenerate, corporate-serving globalist think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations to bolster their claim.

The Interpreter maintains a partnership of sorts with other globalist connected rags like "The Diplomat" who echo the globalist consensus on any given issue and itself boasts partnerships with corporate-funded global think-tanks like the Soros-funded Foreign Policy Centre. There is a reason why the Interpreter, the Diplomat, and Andrew Walker's "New Mandala" blog are all on the same page along with other corporate-serving propaganda outfits like CNN, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. It is because beneath the veneer of objectivity and academia, lies what is an obviously self-serving agenda propagated by a self-evident, omnipresent global despotic corporatocracy.


Upon the Council on Foreign Relation's seal is the word VBIQVE, Latin for "everywhere," and manifests itself in the common English word, ubiquitous. Indeed as we see, regarding just the Lowy Institute alone, it contaminates an entire region's news, media, universities, literature, research, studies, and of course, through the papers and propaganda it produces with the clout it puts behind them, the region's politics and laws as well. The global corporatocracy is everywhere, affecting everything, perhaps so profoundly it escapes one's notice.

However, upon seeing this network exposed, the people involved, their history of promoting an unaccountable, self-serving agenda at everyone's expense but their own, we can begin rendering moot the false legitimacy they foist upon society with their fancy logos, lofty titles, disingenuous liberal-esque spin, their insufferable arrogance, and entire institutions co-opted or even contrived to serve their own ends.

We can begin by exposing these charlatans, stooges, and crooks for what they really are. We can boycott the corporations that fund and perpetuate these unsavory, dubious, and often well-hidden agendas. We can also begin to replace this nefarious network they've constructed by becoming self-sufficient on a local level. There is good reason why ANU impostor-academic Andrew Walker, along with the Wall Street Journal and the Economist are so adamantly against Thailand's attempt at implementing nation-wide localism - it is because it will set a viable example for all nations to follow out from under the squatting parasites that make up the global elite.

Tony Cartalucci is a geopolitical researcher and writer based in Bangkok, Thailand. His work aims at covering world events from a Southeast Asian perspective as well as promoting self-sufficiency as one of the keys to true freedom.

Other works by Tony Cartalucci.

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The Foggy Bottom In The Pacific & Fireworks Of Influence .

Wikipedia: The name Foggy Bottom often is used as a metonym for the United States Department of State because its headquarters is in the neighborhood, as are the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Friendship Lodge Odd Fellows Hall; and the infamous Watergate complex, site of the Watergate burglaries which led to President Richard Nixon's resignation. GWU has grown significantly over the past decades and now covers much of the neighborhood, which has many historic old homes and numerous mid-rise apartment buildings.

Kurt Campbell receiving Gift. (Courtesy:Dipnote).

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt M. Campbell led US State Department delegation to Pacific Islands are tapering off their visit to the Pacific islands, according DipNote and are actively delivering the 3D's (Diplomacy, Development, Defense) as a counter balance to the looming shadow of the dragon, as an earlier SiFM post pointed out.

The forth and final "D" for deficits was conveniently tucked away by the State Department delegation from discerning onlookers and revved up soft power to the Pacific region. Of which, Jet online newspaper reports that Fiji Peace corps will have a swearing in ceremony for new volunteers, as well as celebrating their 50th anniversary on July 4th, the date when the US Declaration of Independence was adopted by the continental congress, according to Wikileaks [Wikipedia].

The excerpt of Jet News paper article:
Peace Corps Fiji to swear in new Volunteers and celebrate 50th anniversary on Monday
peace corps logoBy PEACE CORPS FIJI 
On Monday July 4th 2011, the U.S. Peace Corps will swear in its 9th group of Volunteers since returning to Fiji in 2003. This event coincides with the Peace Corps’ 50th year anniversary, commemorating half a century of promoting peace and friendship around the world.

Fiji’s President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau will be the Chief Guest; and other dignitaries, Volunteers and community partners will attend the gala event. Nearly 200 people are expected to attend, as the Peace Corps in Fiji swears-in the new group and celebrates its 50th anniversary on this day.
In addition to remarks by President Ratu Nailatikau and the Peace Corps Director, as well as the swearing-in by the American Ambassador, the event will also showcase posters depicting current Peace Corps projects throughout Fiji and cultural performances by the newly sworn-in VolunteersThe ceremony and proceedings will be followed by a reception with traditional American foods.
Peace Corps first came to Fiji in 1968, soon after its beginnings in 1961. Early PC Volunteers served as science and math teachers, while current Volunteers serve in community health promotion, environmental resource management and small business development. Peace Corps focuses on empowering community members – especially in small and rural communities – to take charge of their own projects.

In this Independence Day holiday (July 4th), there are many things that the citizens of America and the world should be reflective of. The intersection of memory and imagination can be acutely outlined by a 1965 speech Martin Luther King Jr. :
Now ever since the founding fathers of our nation dreamed this dream in all of its magnificence—to use a big word that the psychiatrists use—America has been something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against herself. On the one hand we have proudly professed the great principles of democracy, but on the other hand we have sadly practiced the very opposite of those principles.
In expanding the paradox outlined by Dr. King, the Corbett report podcast outlined the dichotomy of sorts for the republic and her people (Mp3 posted below).

Michael Badnarik's 2009 presentation as featured in the Corbett report podcast, also dissected the words of U.S Declaration of Independence (Video posted below).

Fireworks- Miami Herald
On this 2011 Independence Day, SiFM wishes America and her citizens, hearty congratulations and hopes (as well as most of the planet) that the ideals that are enshrined in declaration of independence, are not simply empty rhetoric and the disjointed foreign policy that is currently pursued are remedied expeditiously.

U.S Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton and POTUS official July 4th message (video posted below).

R.Kelly Fireworks ( Music video posted below)

Club Em Designs

Sports An Extension of Politics 2 - NZ TV3 60 Minutes On Fiji Sports Sanctions By New Zealand Governemnt.

In a follow up on to a 2007 SiFM post: "Sports An Extension of Politics by Any Other Means", a recent video from New Zealand's TV3 60 minutes program revisits the sports sanctions levied by the New Zealand Government.
The program interviews Fiji rugby player Nikola Matawalu, nascent Fiji Rugby Union Chair Mosese Tikoitoga and New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully among others.