Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Full Monty of power abuse by the Fijian layer of broke and morally corrupt Aristocrats.

Too little, too late are the cumbersome reactions from a Cabinet sub-commitee. Where the hell were their brains (of the Cabinet members) when all this abuse of power occured?
Chilling around the Kava bowl?

My suspicions were right on the directions of the 2000 coup investigations coming full circle to Qarase and his cohorts including his Chief Executive and Spin Doctor, Jioji Kotobalavu.

I'd also pull in Fiji Holdings C.E.O, Mssr Sitiveni Weileilakeba too and recommend an immediate re-evaluation of the company's role in the coup.
The Public will find the connections between Speight (the one facing the camera) and Fiji P.M, Mssr Laisenia Qarase. It's just a matter of time, baby!

Here we go, newly appointed Madam Minister of Information, spewing the used and abused argurement of race politics and class warfare that has left many Fijians chained to subsistence living while their chiefs drive around new S.U.V's.
The Fiji Education summit is a good idea on paper but who is going to pay for it? Especially after Qarase promises to build a war memorial.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Damage control for Qarase.

Qarase is a dumb fool for trying to defend Senator Tora at the expense of his political aspirations. Unless the 2000 coup investigation has a remote chance of leading back to Qarase and his cronies who continue to raise petty and diversionary issues in the Fiji media. Kudos for Labour Party Chairman for calling the socio-cultural dualism in Fiji, like it really is. Why can't all Fiji Politicians call a spade, a SPADE?

On the other side of the equation, there is a widening rift between Fijian Senators, all trying to jockey for political position. The Telecommunications players industry in Fiji should just suck up the financial difficulty of providing services. For certain their discomfort is nowhere as near as those of the poor consumers; who continue forking up hard earned money for pathetic services.

That would equally apply to Fiji Fiji's media broadcast industry too, which has has conveniently slipped public attention.

Fiji private security guards in Iraq, should seek a re-dress in their life-insurance compensation pakages to take into the account
the changing tide in war. Perhaps, a different rate for being shot than getting it, with an I.E.D!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Erosion of morality in Fiji Government.

The scoundrel Senator Tora defends his utter stupidity by tooth and nail and with hammer and tongs. One thing is for damn sure,
Tora is a marked man. Fortunately for Fiji he is probably the only landowner without any compassion or with entrepeneurial vision.

Qarase's comments against the Fiji gay community, will only decrease his chances of winning 2006 elections. But his loss in 2006, is already been determined by his laxity in curbing corruption and to some extent creating the environment for it, as well as the controversial R.T.U Bill.
My sentiments of ending the communal style of voting in Fiji,is reaching the ears of polticians.

At least, I'm not the only person advocatng an immediate change in State policies. So that all the best laid plans by Fiji
Government officials can evaporate, without they even realizing it.

Selected letters to Fiji Times editor, Tues Aug 30th 2005.

Time for change

AFTER the removal of the Timoci Bavadra and Mahendra Chaudhry governments through coups, a phrase emerged in response to the treacherous act and destructive aftermath that caused a lot of suffering felt among all races in the nation.

The phrase was "leave them alone... The day will come when Fijians will fight amongst themselves".

The process on the Promotion of Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill and the planned formation of a one united indigenous political party will indeed activate rivalry amongst the indigenous provinces or tikina.

Every one would want a piece of the cake or a larger slice of it.

Truly the Scriptural prophesy of brother against brother is now in force all over the world.

Scripture warns of latter-day false prophets, not only involved in religion but also in politics.

Iraq, Zimbabwe and Sudan are examples of how power, greed and corruption could easily be related to 1 John 9-11.

It is indeed saddening to see one of the friendliest, most kind and peace-loving natures of the Pacific adopt the wayward political lifestyles of other troubled countries.

I truly believe that it is time for a change, even religion organisations have become dominant. Let's make that change at the coming national general election in 2006.

Edwards Andrews

A-G's report

I AM a taxpayer whose contribution towards betterment of our living standards and provision of essential services has gone to waste.

I have a mouthful to say. I know that it is just a waste of time and effort as action will hardly be taken, but I still choose to stand up and tell the powers that be that enough is enough.

To PSC chairman Stuart Huggett, please stop the talk and show us your worth. Show us that you don't mince your word when you say that action will be taken. Come out of the "will be investigating" assurances and show us that real action has been taken to right the wrongs.

To PSC CEO Anare Jale, cut the talk that heavy disciplinary action has been taken.

We are not fools. We know what happened to those who were responsible for the agricultural scam and the fisheries scam and tons of other scams.

Minor fines and side transfers are not the solution to stop abuse. It's similar to the case of trying to straighten a dog's tail by tying it to a straight piece of wood. Once the wood is removed, the tail will go back to its initial state.

Think like management personnel and do justice to taxpayers' contributions.

To CEO Finance Paula Uluinaceva, stop advising others how to do their job.. Maybe those officers at the Auditor-General's Office have much greater knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in budget preparation than the ones doing it now.

We have continuously seen instances where budgets have been prepared to please the nation and later on, the ministries come up with requests for additional funding under the guise of additional funds required for unforeseen circumstances.

Most of us are literate enough to understand the politics involved in showing an improved picture at the initial presentation of the national budget and then asking for additional funding later. Stop the farce. The taxpayers of this nation are well aware of the outcome of your assurances. The remedy to avoid the abuse is to get rid of the rotten potatoes completely before they contaminate the whole bag.

There is still time if you start now. Just take the first step and the rest of the path will become clearer and the missing pieces will automatically fall into place.

Sarita Kumar

Law system

WHILE Senator Professor Asesela Ravuvu makes some good point from Fijian's representation of law metered down to criminal activity where Fijians are concerned, I am hopeful the Professor would wake up from his slumber and face reality that the world with its fast pace has no time for dreamers.

We in Fiji, like most country in the world, not only have taken on board western systems of law, culture, modes of dressing and language, we have take on its God as well. This is evident from the amount o preaching done at the Upper House, all in the name of God.

To do away with expatriates and Westminster system of law that gives assurance for justice to all citizens of this country would be tantamount to inviting Rwanda-type genocide here. If not, then it could lead to disturbances caused by civil servants' strike like that happening in Tonga now.

We should now accept the fact that in order for our country to survive, it is not the religion nor race or traditions that do it, but the strength and health of its economy. China is a good example. With its one and quarter billion population, not one case of a beggar is known to exist. Can we not then lay aside race hate and all other forms of victimisation and deal with the matter where it matters most hard honest work, peace, love and concern for the welfare for all citizens of our country?

Rose Lagakali

Taxpayers' funds

ONCE again, the Auditor-General and his officers have highlighted cases of mismanagement and corrupt practices within our civil service. As a norm, the Public Service Commission is assuring taxpayers that action will be taken and those responsible brought to justice.

Year in, year out, the Auditor-General highlights the same nature of abuses and the same boring assurances are given by PSC that action will be taken to avoid such cases in future.

It stops at that, only assurances. Rarely any action.

PSC will use the blame syndrome and accuse employees who are no longer in employment and the Public Accounts Committee will be left to get answers from those who know little about the abuse.

After some time, taxpayers will have no choice but to accept the fact that our hard-earned contribution towards the development of the nation has gone down the gutter.

We will be made to fork out funds for the same purposes come another year - with officers abusing with little to no action taken.

The Auditor-General and his officers, who are toothless tigers, will continue to highlight issues that will eventually be swept under the carpet. The report will be thrown in a remote corner to be laughed at by the abusers.

That leaves us, the taxpayers, to wait for another national budget where the Finance Minister will come up with his same old boring nation-building strategies and further burden taxpayers with an increase in VAT or income tax to reduce government debt and generate more revenue for the Government.

All this leaves taxpayers wondering whether this vicious cycle will ever end.

It is generally not possible to have a nil abuse scenario within the civil service because of the varying calibre of people employed.

But repeated abuse shows us how seriously PSC and the responsible officers of the civil service treat the Auditor General's report.

A famous English saying states: "Only a fool lets itself get fooled in a similar situation twice".

The abuse culture will not stop until we get the right people to manage our civil service. On a daily basis, we see the introduction of new faces in the civil service but we hardly see any vacancies being advertised.

We have graduates roaming the streets looking for work but the civil service has abundance of management personnel who have just made it through secondary education.

The PSC needs to clean its house first and see the right calibre of people chosen to do the job demanded of them. Do something constructive to justify the wages you take home.

Otherwise close the Auditor-General's Office so that taxpayers can at least be saved from paying people whose views will eventually count for nothing.

Rakesh Chandra

Fijian coalition

The response by Radike Qereqeretabua to Jone Raiova's letter (FT 18/8) cannot be perceived as merely observatory. I would like to make a few genuine stabs at Radike's verbatim and in the process educate readers.

Radike identifies Jone Raiova as an Army officer, which is the initial tangent in his letter that has nothing to do with the issue.

Radike proudly labels the group as "our" which by implication means he is a member or closely associated with the group.

Radike defends the concept of the grand coalition and drops in a few idioms that are more related to personal growth than national policy. If Fiji were to try and try again, like Radike insisted. Does he also mean trying another coup.

"It is, that National Unity is the ultimate desirable goal to ensure our national success in the longrun (sic)..." That statement proudly stated by Radike is self-contradictory. It is hard to fathom how the group can achieve national unity when the group's own core beliefs alienates themselves into this mono-racial Grand Coalition. Last time I checked Fiji was a multi-racial country.

Radike believes this grand coalition were given the mandate by God, to negotiate all matters pertaining to the Fijian race. I commend the group's initiative however, they don't' speak for all Fijians and never have. To suggest otherwise, will be the crowning excellence of fabrication.

I agree Fijians need to work together but working together does not mean voting together. Radike misses Mssr Raiova's main point of 'thinking out of the box', politically speaking. Fijians, like any other educated individuals, must have the freedom to tweak the variables in the political equation.

Fijians have learnt to demarcate political issues with cultural ones. This grand coalition attempt to blur that line, prior to the 2006 elections.

Radike and his group have been mis-representing facts to uninformed Fijians. Their words, in essence mean that there are no alternatives to the status-quo. Equating Fijian political unity with national unity is the main crux of their mis-information campaign.

I would like to remind Radike, if Raiova's comments were too intellectual for the group. Then it would be unbecoming for the Grand Coalition Initiative Group to be even considered leading anything in Fiji. Other than the applications of the garden fork, in a agricultural assistance program.

If the grand coalition was analogous to rugby players attempting to represent Fiji in the up coming world cup. Judging from the players on his team, I seriously doubt if they have the youth, adaptability, mental dexterity or physical fitness to warm anyone's reserve bench let alone Wayne Pivac's.

Radike's quote of George Washington ".. to persevere in one's duty is to be silent.." cannot seriously be applied to questions of political freedom.

I would like to juxtapose a quote from Federalist Thomas Paine in his article "The Rights of Man" published in 1791.

The mutual dependence and reciprocal interest which man has upon man, and all the parts of civilised community upon each other, create that great chain of connection which holds it together.

The landholder, the farmer, the manufacturer, the merchant, the tradesman, and every occupation, prospers by the aid which each receives from the other, and from the whole.

Common interest regulates their concerns, and forms their law; and the laws which common usage ordains, have a greater influence than the laws of government.

Society performs for itself almost everything which is ascribed to government. To understand the nature and quantity of government proper for man, it is necessary to attend to his character.

As Nature created him for social life, she fitted him for the station she intended. In all cases she made his natural wants greater than his individual powers.

No one man is capable, without the aid of society, of supplying his own wants, and those wants, acting upon every individual, impel the whole of them into society, as naturally as gravitation acts to a centre.

Reginald Lutu

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Muddy state of cronyism in Fiji.

Fiji's crooked Attorney General must be worried about Frank comments on re-cycled Politicians plotting the removal of President Iloilo. Added to Fiji's conodrum is the thieves in Fiji Public Service's higher salaries commission who freeze any ideas of a living wage in Fiji so that their own salaries can be increased.
It is now evident that the culture of greed and abuse has invaded all sectors of Fiji governance and private sectors.
The comments of denial by F.N.P.F boss is predicatable belligerance. Or maybe just moody blues?

There is progress in Fiji like this National Disability policy.
Can Fiji also have an energy policy, water usage policy, Tourism recreation services policy, National Living wage policies and Science and Technology policies too?

Here's my pic for Summer blockbuster.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Intellectual deficit and Truth Impairedment in Fiji leadership.

Unions in Fiji (City council and Electricity workers)are gearing up for strikes, hammering in another nail in S.D.L's political coffin.

The legal reform in Fiji is taking the slow boat to China despite pathetic denials by the Chairman, Mssr Qetaki.
It's also time for these type of commissions in Fiji to be accountable and transparent for it's performance like any either branch/tool of Government.
The New Alliance party will be a force to reckon with in the 2006 elections. Although the initial support may appear feeble. In other words, "No biggie!".

Fiji's lush and pristine environment is at risk by the tailing of Emperor Gold Mines.

Let's have an independent research on the resident's concerns, not P.R from the company's spin doctors.

Finally, the issue of this War Memorial in Fiji.
Firstly, Fiji has not declared War on any country. Fiji soldiers have been routinely used to fight other nation's wars. So why does the Fiji public have to pay for a memorial?

Shouldn't United Kingdom, the biggest recruiter of Fijian males, show some sort of symbolic gesture of appreciation?

Secondly, It makes no financial sense, even though it looks good on paper.

Fiji Government is already living beyond it's means. Now to finance this
War Memorial, Fiji Government will borrow yet again from Fiji National Provident Fund.
While the basic services for the Fiji public are
Finally, the rationale and idea source of this War memorial may have been just, strategicaly suggested by a Building construction firm in Fiji in collusion with the same layer of old farts in Fij Government. I suspect it's just another vote-brokering deal, to lure in former soldiers.
Nothing but an Agricultural assistance scam with an emotional twist, since S.D.L can't use their favourite argurement of Fijian supremacy anymore to the desired effect. Simply because of the fact that Fijians are better informed now and won't suscribe to race based politics.

Friday, August 26, 2005

How to end, the cycle of political dis-enchantment in Fiji.

The abuse of authority in Fiji, is spreading like the plague.
When there are no funds provided by Fiji Government for their stately responsibilities, as they swore to uphold. Social programs like legal assistance and poverty welfare for citizens are not met. As usual there is more money available to foot the bill of visiting foreign dignataries but not citizens.

That is the crappy degree of excellence in double standards
and ass kissing that is so prevalent in Fiji governance, at the expense of everyone else.

Some idiotic recycled politician is actively involved in racial inspired attacks on religous buildings of worship in Fiji.
Commisioner Hughes have them drawn and quartered.

I suspect the Politician involved, whose last name begins with the letter: "T".

This despotic institution called N.L.T.B has no ounce of honesty left and they want more. The organization
has sidelined the commoner's interest for too long. Why does Fiji Government listen to their proposals, instead of the real landowners?They are the catalyst for the landowner's resentment, which has been skillfully deflected to the Indian population of Fiji by the same institution with the assistance of stupid chiefs and politicians. Think about it, Fiji has managed 3 coups in 18 years.
N.L.T.B and the other instruments of abuse are the common denominator during the same time period.

University of the South Pacific is educating the indigenous guardians of traditional fishing grounds in Fiji on environment sustainability.
Why stop there U.S.P?
Please educate Fiji land owning units on financial sustainability using their god-given resources.

That particular type of knowledge empowerment programs must be done on a wide-spread scale in Fiji, using the educated Fijians in urban areas. Give them tax incentives to undertake this task Fiji Government!
The future of Fiji can realistically move from this,

To this.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Toothless Laws & Gutless Institutions in Fiji.

The comments of Senators and Chiefs supporting the 2000 coup, by Frank Bainimarama has been echoed by 1987 coup leader Mssr Sitiveni Rabuka.
Corruption is thick in Fiji Customs.

Fiji Parliamentry debate has sunk into mud slinging by uneducated Senators.
Native Lands Trust Board is deflecting the blame of pathetic service to the landowners, which is a sorry excuse.
Fiji Landowners can make up their own mind and don't need a proxy organization that has outlived it's usefullness.

Especially when Fijians are learning the rich potential for entertainment, just give them a big-break and forget about propping up traditional state funded institutions. Fiji Telecom's Connect, the nation's only Internet Provider are getting stiff competition by Unwired with their Wi-Fi network connections. How about removing Fiji T.V's monopoly too, after the Government recently declared to open up the telecommunications industry.

Time to break the mould of blind tradition in Fiji.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The muddy style of democracy in Fiji

New U.S Envoy comments on Fiji's democracy, which is still in its' infancy.
Even Fiji military Commander can attest to that fact, reacting to speeches by old farts in Senate, who continue to spew racial hatred. Widespread denouncement still vibrate at Fiji Auditor General's recent report.
The issue of holding dual offices in Government and Provincial Councils has been laid to rest. More better for the rural inhabitants who have been ripped off this very arrangement. Especially by Fijian Affairs Board, who are the root cause of chained development in Fiji villages.

Native Lands Turst Board finally acknowledges corruption within it's ranks. I demand a overhaul and immediate dismantling of N.L.T.B, so that land management powers should be given the landowning unit. All Government appointed Senators must be evaluated, to prevent comments revealing their gross intelligence deficit. Proposed reform in Fiji Civil Service must be given high priority by Fiji Government before the 2006 elections. The end game for S.D.L has been unravelled by this brilliant counter-point article by former Fiji resident and human rights activist, Mssr T.R.Singh of New Zealand. It is abundantly clear that everyone in Fiji will not tolerate interference by this shadowy group of recycled politicians.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Qarase and the Fiji mud pits of Cronyism & Corruption.

Fiji Military Commander is voicing his opinion on Fiji Governance being destroyed by Old farts like Apisai Tora and Tomasi Vakatora who suscribe to racial politics for their own agendas.

Fiji Govenment Ministers are ready to isolate themselves from the responsibility for gross mismangement and attempt to down play the
Auditor General's recent damming report.
Only 1 case has been refered to the police for prosecution.
Off with their heads!

The double standards in Fiji is overwhelming and sickening.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Old Farts in Government are Fiji's public enemy #1.

Qarase is seriously in damage control after a scathing report by the Auditor General higlighting the perpetual cycle of corruption in Fiji.
This culture of greed is even propogated by crooked executives like Lionel Yee.
Rural development is being hampered by lazy district officials in Fiji. Compounding that is the systematic abuse of landowners by Native Lands Trust Board. It is increasingly evident that Fijian landowners are losing patience with that colonial institution who have been hoodwinking them from time memorial. As usual the Fiji Government is selective of it's rule of law and the council of chiefs are divorced from grass root realities or technology applications in Fiji culture, like this Fijian language Spell-check project. Same for Fijian Academic Dr. Asasela Ravuvu's unsubstantiated comments demonstrates the dubious agendas of the old farts in Fiji.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Muddy cycle of lip service in Fiji.

Fiji rural development is being hampered by poor management.

Home Affairs Minister of Fiji has gone off the deep end, judging from his idiotic comments. To elevate the status of Fiji chiefs up any further will be an insult to the everyone else who have learnt meritocracy.Unfortunately the provinces of Fiji will have to learn discipline real fast. As to the self-declared expert of Finance in Fiji who intentionally defrauded the Fiji government due to their incompetance. The Auditor Generals report is always highlights corruption because he is not given penalising powers. Let alone the Fiji landowners who are always abused by Government.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Endless cycle of corruption in Qarase's Government.

Qarase's Government breeds corruption, which has infiltrated all facets in Fiji society.

As the saying goes, the fruit does not fall far from the tree that bears it. The public utilities are a mess in Fiji.
There is no separation of church and state in Fiji, which leads to more problems in governance.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Qarase's muddy track record in Fiji Government.

The Fiji Auditor General's report is the crowning acheivement of Government ingrained bureacracy.

The only victims are the children of Fiji and the unborn generation who will be paying off this debt.
Fiji Government Ministers continue painting a rosy picture of their track record, even after the tabling of the Auditor General's report. Time to call their bluff and make them accountable Fiji voters!
The root cause of this mismanagement is the lack of financial discipline by Civil Servants who spend money like drunken sailors.
The lack of legislations in Fiji on accurate record keeping is warranted for the best interest of the Fiji tax payer.
This Fiji Trust Fund must also be also scrutinized by the Auditor General.

I question how Fiji Trust could invest overseas when the Parliament approval for major oveseas investment was made only this year.

Unless there is some gross discrepancies by accountants who blame overseas financial events even if the real cause was directly local. Fiji's only T.V company must be placed on noticed for not actively promoting local culture due to it's over reliance on overseas produced programs, adding to Fiji's trade-imbalance with other countries. A fact that even Reserve Bank does not understand. The fleecing of Fiji by corporate giants in Fiji will propogate due to the absence of a consumer advocate organization familar with corporate law.
This is to be expected in Fiji, when the churches neglect their flock due to business aspirations.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Flawed economic policies of Fiji.

The Christian community in Fiji, are being pressured due to repeated religous sacrileges.
International organization of Jurors deliver a stern warning to Fiji Parliament. The lack of funds for
governance due to a Top heavy Public service is short changing Fiji citizens.
Fiji's monopolies are also responsible for the pathetic services offered at cut throat prices. Compounding that is the lack of sincerity of Fiji Government to resolve landowners claims which have been glossed over withtrickle-down economic policies subscribed to by Government and the corporate sector.
Fiji's economic bill of health is bound to deteriorate if Fiji's export statistics are not improved soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fiji urban voters rattling the muddy cage of class warfare.

Qarase buckling under the pressure of the Catholic teachers.
More un-secured loans to utilities by the only mutual fund company in Fiji does not augor well for the contributing members of F.N.P.F. Discussions on Cross-media ownership in Fiji must be thrashed out in an open forum in Fiji.
Homecoming for U.S Soldier in Fiji, after lapse of 48 years. That is the new trend of reverse-migration in Fiji which the Government has yet to tap into.
Under utilizing and under developing one segment of the country, will turn Fiji's potential into investor drift wood

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Changing tides of Fiji politics.

Law reforms in Fiji is slow like the wheels of justice. Fiji Labour Party's proposal of electoral refrom in Fiji is the foundation of new paradigms that will change the rules of Fiji politics for the better.
Things don't look rosy for Qarase's government, due to more people defending their legal rights in court simply because of predictable belligerence.
Qarase is also cocky about contesting the Lau provincial seat during the 2006 elections, which will see him compete against a chief. After the dust settles, voters in Fiji will have the last say, regardless of what the S.D.L/C.A.M.V coalition think.

That same attitude by S.D.L/C.A.M.V coalition threatens to turn the Catholics against them due to their double standards. That is the muddy depths of chained development in Fiji which will just aggravate voters and will influence them to kick those corrupt rascals, out of power.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The dwindling gatekeeping role of Fiji Government.

Fiji's Mafia Attorney General is trying to make thieves of everybody with his despicable code of ethics. On the economy, Dependency mentality is
being dished out by Fiji's greedy financial institutions.

Fiji voters will be out for blood during the 2006 elections. Prompting S.D.L party to
to jettison dead weight. This is in the wake of the formation of the grand Fijian coalition which is self-destructing due to internal conflict before any political shot is fired.

Fiji journalist are undergoing training to scrutinize government statistics on education is excellent. The general standard of reporting in Fiji media often acts as a stenographer rather than adopting an investigative role. The issue of editorial interference by Government has not been addressed yet.

The crucial issue of 2006 elections of land, sugar industry has
not been resolved because the R.T.U Bill was given priority by Qarase's corrupt government.
Reform like this amendment to the Audit Act Bill is good for Fiji's financial position. However this Bill must be accompanied by "Freedom of Information" legislation so that the Fiji citizens can be better informed of their Government's performance. Not lip-service or muddy rhetoric by spin doctors.

The youth of Fiji are crying out for a brighter future.
Not a nation riddled with class warfare, racial discrimination and selective development.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Disinformation unveiled in Fiji Politics.

The bright horizons of progressive Fiji politics depends on alternatives mindsets, other than the usual racial gutter sniping used as the platform for the grand Fijian coalition of recycled old farts like the CEO of Fiji Prime Minister's office.
Not all despair in Fiji. There are some outstanding individuals like Jo Mar the chairman of F.E.A who brings the experience of operations from Shell Oil. People who think outside the box are in demand in Fiji leadership.
The tide of blind politics in Fiji is turning against the Qarase. The economic fleecing of Fiji citizens continue.
Mafia Attorney General continues his diatribe for the controversial R.T.U Bill.

More selected letters to the Editor of the Fiji Times Mon August 15th edition.

Lapita land

WITH reference to Maikeli Kausoqo's reply (FT 13/8) to Michael Singh's ridiculous point of view, the Lapita People, according to archaeologist Simon Best were the people of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa being one identity 3000 years ago as they spoke the same language and practiced a single culture.

Lapita pottery is one of the reasons Professor Best feels Fiji and its neighbouring islands were originally settled by one people. The earliest settled site is on Lakeba in the Lau Group of islands. Mr Best believes it was the largest fortified village in the South Pacific at that time.

However, of Mr Singh is referring to archaeologist E G Gifford, who says Lutunasobasoba was a relative newcomer to Fiji, following in the canoe wakes of those who came several years before him.

His descendants still live as Viseisei, Lauwaki and Lomolomo and claim they are the Kai Vuda, the direct descendants of Lutunasobasoba.

On the issue of land ownership, Lutunasobasoba was not confronted or challenged by any living humans claiming Fiji as their land when he and his loyal subjects arrived on the seashores of Vuda.

Eliki Gaunavou

Fijian workers

RAVUAMA Vere (FT13/08) has taken upon himself to be a self-made protector of indigenous Fijians. He refers to union strikes as a plan to mislead Fijian workers.

But Fijians who join trade unions such as the Fiji Nursing Association are citizens who are able to think for themselves and take decisions for the welfare of their own families.

It's a right that is protected in the Fiji Constitution."Workers have the right to form and join trade unions, employers have the right to form and join employers' organisations." (Section 33(1)).

Vere has further made a fool of himself in saying, "Chaudhry is there for Indians and he has confirmed this on radio".

I do say that if one substitutes the name "Chaudhry" for "Qarase" the same if perfectly true. Prime Minister Qarase has a habit of evoking memory of past coups and has helped sustain the coup culture by repeated references to 1987 and 2000 as events which came about as a result of Chaudhry's alleged dismissive attitude towards Fijians.

Again this is most unfortunate.

What is needed is a free and open debate in the search for solutions on matters that affect the future well-being of this nation. As for the RTU Bill, concerns have not faded.

Far from it! Awareness raising continues in the community, over 35,000 signatures against the Bill have since been submitted to the relevant parliamentary sector committee.

The Bose Levu Vakaturaga had resolved that the Government consider the concerns raised by the submissions made to the BLV on July 28.

NGOs opposed to the Bill have now written to the BLV that it be more specific about what these concerns are as these could be the basis for changes to the Bill.

Finally, it's been suggested the introduction of the Promotion of Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill is intended to divert public attention away from the real hard issues in a General Election such as the rising poverty in the community.

Reverend Akuila Yabaki

Thanks Chaudhry
I REFER to Ravuama Vere's letter (FT13/08). For his information, he should not criticise Mr Chaudhry for any wrong doing or misleading Fijian workers as there is no proof and his criticism is baseless.

I, for one, as a Fijian worker and a taxpayer in this country would not waste my money and time for people like Ravuama and his like.

The vast majority of the Fijian people will always cherish and admire the work of Mr Chaudhry. He is a great leader and he will prove this in next year's elections.

One must tell Mr Vere that it's about time for narrow-minded people like him to think outside of the box in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We were not able to see the light because Mr Chaudhry and his hardworking colleagues were not allowed to complete their missions for our beloved Fiji when the coup happened.

He did prove with facts and figures in his one-year term, which no other government has done before and since. Maybe, Mr Vere did not know that. I must take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Chaudhry and his colleagues for their hard work. We are with you all the way.

Peni Tabu

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