Saturday, December 31, 2005

Muddy Rhetoric from S.D.L Party in Fiji.

S.D.L Minister named as one of the planners for the 2000 Coup. It is predictable that S.D.L Political party will use their authority as standing Government to water down the links to influential individuals. That dubious interference in the Prosecution of suspects; is the catalyst for the present standoff between Ministry of Home Affairs officials and the Fiji Army Commander.

Stuck in Fiji Mud recognizes that Fiji Army Commander is seeking to bring to justice these elements of danger; who are responsible for Fiji 2000 coup. It is these layers of Old Farts in Fiji Civil Service that are culpable for delaying Justice.

This public display of logger heads between Government Agencies does not bode well for impressing potential investors, interested in Fiji.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Layer of Old Farts are driving the Nation of Fiji off the cliff.

Speaker of Fiji Parliament approves political mudslinging in the institution.

Fiji Police prosecuting officer cadre is combining resources to fight crime.
Stuck in Fiji Mud would like to ascertain if that new model will eventuate in the arrest in Fiji Coup 2000 protangonists and financiers, who still enjoying their freedom.

Asian Development Bank reports announces an alarming statistic that is the by-product of ill-planning and execution by entrenched institutions like the Native Lands Trust Board.

Fiji Army's standoff with Ministry of Home Affairs is an indication that the credibility of Fiji Government officials is rapidly deteriorating due to their track record of dishonesty.

S.V.T Party secretary's comments is irreprehensible and just attempts to erode International Laws of Human Rights to facilitate class warfare and the rule of the Aristocrats who have not actively contributed to Fiji's economy and have absolutely no idea of what transparent democracy entails.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rotten State of Native Administration in Fiji.

Justice Ministry of Fiji must open dialogue on the issue of Native Fishing grounds for all stake holders.
Not that tiny minority of Old Farts who meet in smoke filled rooms, led by Fiji's crooked Attorney General.
Stuck in Fiji Mud advises the landowners in Fiji to seek a Judicial injunction against all deliberations on Native Land Issues, to determine who calls the shots and who has the ground roots support.

Native Lands Trust Board jumps onto the flawed findings of Asian Development Bank report. Yet demonizes the other pile of
reports identifying the N.L.T.B as the source of indigenous frustrations and poverty. Clearly the organization can't have their slice of cake and eat it too!

Fiji Police do not have the right to shelve Fiji Coup 2000 investigations due to the lack of funds. These irresponsible remarks from Inspector Driver, clearly infers he is interfering and should be cut down to size.

This is not acceptable by Stuck in Fiji Mud and only excerberates the culture of coups in Fiji.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Muddy roads of Fiji.
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Muddy state of cronyism in Fiji. Part 2

S.D.L Coalition is clearly on the ropes on the eve of Fiji General Elections 2006. This is due to the
release of coup protangonists not withstanding the numerous allegations of corruption.
Fiji members of Parliament are not under Fiji Public Service jurisdiction says Speaker of the House. However,
Stuck in Fiji Mud would like to point out
that when Civil Servants get pay rises, so does the Parliamentarians.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Muck raking in the Great Council of Chiefs.

Fiji's 1987 Coup leader is again commenting on democratic matters that
he has no expertise in.
It is unfortunate that Fiji media continue to give him, the time of the day.

Fiji Tourism Resources Owner Association are up in arms at the Great Council of Chief's (should be'Thieves')
proposal to legislate the Native Fishing grounds, under the abusive organization: Native Lands Trust Board.

Stuck in Fiji Mud identifies with the Fiji Tourism Resource Owner Association's sentiments.

Their recent conference titled: "Cry of the Land" has identified many areas that are directly linked to N.L.T.B's price-mongering and obnoxious way of conducting business; which continues to chain Fiji's indigenous community in poverty.
Then the crafty Politicians with agendas subsequently incite the racial overturns in Fiji; for their own advancement.

Stuck in Fiji Mud is adamant that these Traditional Fishing grounds in Fiji; should be administered by the Native family units. Not another institution.

If the Great Council of Chiefs thinks otherwise; then that archaic institution; are the greatest stumbling block for social mobility in Fiji. Deriving from the independence declaration statement-if any institution becomes a menace and a tyrant; they should be forcibly removed.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Bang for Home Affairs Ministry in Fiji.

Fiji Army Commander throws down the Gaunlet at the layer of old farts within the Home Affairs Ministry who have been interfeering with the Army matters.
As a result, Justice is denied in Fiji; by the conflict of individuals with an extra-large Ego and those who carry a huge chip on their shoulders. Very dangerous combination indeed!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Politics of Merry makers.

Fiji Landowners raise the issue of pathetic double-standards in land deliberations within the Cry of the Land conference hosted by Fiji Tourism Resource Owners Association.
It is now clear that Fiji Landowners have realized the abusive nature of Native Lands Trust Board and the dealings involving Fiji Mahogany plantations.

Stuck in Fiji Mud wishes every citizen of the Planet Earth -Peace and Merry Christmas.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hoodlums of Politics.

Fiji landowners get a meagre return from Native Land Trust Board projects.
Stuck in Fiji Mud will continue to express attention on their dubious history. Keeping in mind their astronomical poundage rate of 25%.

That poundage can be eliminated altogether if, N.L.T.B is transformed into a Regulating body than their carte blanche decision making that has kept Fijians in the doldrums of ignorance.

Christmas gifts to Public Servants and donation seeking for parties is raising many eyebrows in Fiji lately. Stuck in Fiji Mud wonders if Political Fundraising Laws will be ever legislated.
The dogs of Nationalism continue to bark their displeasure in investigations into the 2000 Coup.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Capitalizing on the incompetence in Qarase's circle.

Hooked up in Traditional Attire in Fiji.
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Public Works Department must face culperbility for the lack of water pressure in fire hydrants
and the National Fire Authority should also be taken to task for not-inspecting commercial buildings, as well as the non-maintenance of fire-fighting equipment. The least they could do, to fit the property owner's definition of safety net.

The insurance industry and transport sectors of Fiji must be given a warning in addition to increasing penalties in stern repercussions for violators of Safety and mechanical inspections of all vehicles in Fiji, including boats.

Fiji Government relations with Army Commander Bainimarama has reached epic proportions.
Stuck in Fiji Mud believes that Messr Bainimarama is being victimized by the layer of Old Farts within Fiji Public Service Commission for opposing the passage of the controversial R.T.U Bill in Fiji Parliament.

A person involved in the 2000 Fiji Coup has
revealed the connections within the S.D.L party and describes the involvement
of the corruption laced dealings leading up to the calamities where ordinary villagers have been used and abused for the agendas of the elite group of Fijians.

Looking for Brownie points prior to 2006 elections_Minister and M.P Tailevu Provincial seat Messr Samuela Tikonaisau [centre with blue shirt]( formerly Sam Speight, a.k.a brother of Geroge Speight 2000 Coup point man.)

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Case in point is the Minister for Lands who is already mis-representing the
land issue
by glossing over the abuse of landowner's fiduciary interests by Native Lands Trust Board.

The argurement of ALTA vs NLTA is the biggest Red-Herring at the expense of social mobility in Fiji.

Former Fiji resident running for Canadian parliamentary seat is an indication of the wealth of ties Fiji has overseas individualswith outstanding caliber which only be a motivating factor to the Youth.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Trading blows with Resistors to Change in Fiji.

Fiji Public Service commission is cracking down on the indulgence of Kava during office hours. It is a
concern that the zero-tolerance label is being over-used like it's application to corruption in Fiji which is still rife.

"Cry of the Land" themed conference organized by Fiji Tourism Resource Owner's Association raised frustrations with the performance of the archaic Great Council of Chiefs.
It is prudent that these Indigenous Pressure Groups in Fiji should really focus their concerns on stopping the rape of their ancestral land by the policies of Native Lands Trust Board and not dwell on the workable framework of Fiji's judiciary system.

Fiji Army Commander is still raising Hell with Government departments in Fiji, whom he suspects of interfering with his style of leadership.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Circling in Muddy Politics in Fiji

Fiji Public Service Commission is defending their own inadequacies by eliminating Police investigations into corruption is nothing more than a dangerous precedent.

More juicy allegation into the financiers and brains behind Fiji's 2000 coup is being unravelled by a turn coat now residing in Australia.
Stuck in Fiji Mud calls on the relevant authorities to reign in these elements of danger; especially in light of Fiji Elections 2006.
Fiji Government should acnowledge that Indigenous people in Fiji are being held captive by archaic laws which is the very catalyst for unrest in Fiji, suggests National Allicance Party of Fiji.
It is apparently clear that the decision for Chiefly office holders is now being interfered by greedy Political agents and calls into questions the integrity of these same native institutions(Fijian Affairs Board, Native Lands Commission) that don't have any checks and balances.

Now the legal question is being presented to Fiji Courts of Law as an acceptance by Fijian Landowners; that the court is the final guaranteur. Not Native institutions.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Changing Mindsets in Fiji Politics.

Volunteers going to church in Fiji.
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Fiji's Audio Visual Commission, an entity without any knowledge base or experience in film production as seen in their
archaic policies detrimental for local content. Further to that the
issues of Intellectual Property of that particular animation project using the free labour of students.

National Allliance Party of Fiji President announces a cohesive approach in Politics that the nation of Fiji is desperate for.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Twisted pair- Native Administration in Fiji.

Fiji Beer.
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Reports of nepotism in Mahogany Plantations that are linked to S.D.L Political party including the Prime Minister is only the tip of the ice-berg of corruption in Fiji, that are being overlooked by authorities in Fiji.
I guess they are one and the same entity.

It is unfathomable that Fiji Affairs Board has not been operating out of the ambit of Public Service Commission and has escaped the necessary reforms that every other department has undergone.

Lakeba foreshore.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blurring the line between Church and State in Fiji.

It is nothing short of total embarrasment for Fiji Government departments owing taxes.

The land issue is at stale mate situation and only deprives Fiji and her people a way forward. The solution to Fiji's land woes are being restricted by partsian politics and resistance to change by native instruments of administration.
The idea to create an anti-corruption agency in Fiji is welcomed by STUCK IN FIJI MUD.
However the agency must also scrutinize Fijian framework of native administration and also facilitate the passage of Freedom of Information Laws in Fiji. Nothing else will suffice.

Fiji Council of Churches attempt to
lobby their role as gatekeepers to outside religous organizations only impinges on the rights of Fiji citizens to associate and choose their religon.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Re-cycling Untruths by Fiji Prime Minister.

Fiji Prime Minister is quite adept in mis-information and should be embarassed about the alarming rise in poverty statistics in Fiji, that were brought about by the policies of his Government.
Yet that fat cats in Fiji society continue their exuberance in overspending.
Fiji Public Service are sure taking their time in determining the facts in this Corruption case. The absence of trained professionals in detecting and convicting white collar crime is a growing concern in a talent pool that is plagued by skilled migration.
Institutions are also guilty in negligence of duties, by not detecting obscene abuses says Academic.

University of South Pacific's decision to lease a portion of the controversial land in Yaqara Studio City only underlines the motives
of these leading institutions of Fiji whose actions are a strong sign of approval in actions propogated by the abusive Native Lands Trust Board. This development by U.S.P is due to the pressure created by the new kid on the block of learning institutions in Fiji and is already moving in leaps and bounds.

Fiji Village's Yellow Bucket has their weekly take on Fiji Politics.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Jumping on the Band Wagon of Abuse in Fiji

Fiji Labour Party in Parliament.
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Fiji Members of Parliament intending to cash in with Cost of Living Adjustment must also face the
same calibre of Conduct.
Fiji Methodist Church is continuing to dabble in political divisive issues, instead of tending to their flock that have gone astray.

Prosecutors recent sympossium in Fiji re-hash issues tht are already identified without getting into the details of combating nepotism.

Funny things that happen only in Fiji is encapsulated in this case of a convicted felon intending to apply for a vacant position of Director in Fiji's Legal Aid Commission.

Fiji Trade and Investment Board- Chairman.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gearing up for Elections.

Mediocre results from World Trade Organiaion talks is a clear signal to stakeholders in Fiji for immediate reform in the various organizations.
Value Added Tax should have been removed from retail prices, soon after the decision was announced. Sadly, nobody seems to have the impoverished in mind.

Monasavu Landowners have another uphill legal maze till they finally get their money.

Where is the Great Council of Chiefs, who are the self proclaimed guardians of Fijians?

Precisely why other commercial platforms for Fijians are looking increasingy lucrative for commoners. Case in point:
The proposal to have the Traditional Fishing grounds managed by Native Lands Trust Board is being challenged by the President of Fiji Tourism Resource Owners Association.

Lack of Maintenance of Fiji medical departments is another serious concern. Lack of resources, is the result of lack of planning from the echelon of Fiji Government who are obviously disconnected with reality on the ground.
Fiji Election Commissioner needs to get his contingency plans in order and not issue excuses later.

Remote village finally gets hooked with electricity, is probably a sign of upcoming elections by politicians seeking brownie points. There are villages in Monasavu area right next to a 80 Mega Watt Power Station, who
are still not connected with power.

Letters to Fiji Times Editor-Dec. 12th 2005.

Merchants of malice

IT is only fitting that such a well-written and topical article (Merchants of malice 7/12) invite much reaction but I notice hardly any from those who really should.

In societies, we have misrepresentations of all sorts, some of which become entrenched unless corrected.

Our country has faced the same for decades, the bogey of the kai India. The onus is on us to rise above such triviality and seize the day with facts and truth, so we serve our nation better. We have relied heavily on these hardworking sons and daughters of Fiji.

One of our last knighted citizens, Sir Vijay Singh, who served the country for decades in many roles and who reaped as much praise as controversy in some circles, has spoken the truth based on truth and nothing in the article can be further from the truth.

For that, we are grateful as a whole, for that understanding can set us free.

Twice before, we missed the golden opportunity to steer our nation back to the straight and narrow when the 1987 and 2000 coups took place.

But the honourable house of the Great Council of Chiefs in both cases took a different path.

The commoners and others had looked for guidance and wisdom but instead received blinkered partisanship which has not done our republic any credit.

Being the topmost indigenous institution, one would expect higher level of leadership than mere rhetoric or nationalism.

Another GCC meeting has passed and though there were promises from the opening speeches of the chairman, the meeting soon became mired into who to blame for the lack of more ready cash from the resources of the indigenous-held properties.

The coup culture that permeated us with a "handout mentality" is visible even in the highest Fijian circles — what with scams and affirmative actions.

Great leaders should exhort their citizens like the American pioneer days of "Go West, Young Man" or the famous JFK quotation of "Ask not what your country can do for you ..."

Vast swaths of our islands remain idle and untapped with promises of resources rich.

Once productive tracts of agricultural lands revert to fallow while so-called "reserves" remain blocked "assets" for everyone, least of all the future generation of the indigenous.

Jonetani Rakivi

Fiji Entrepenuer-Nora.
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Friday, December 09, 2005

Lowering the Wool over the eyes, of Voters in Fiji.

Fiji Prime Minister's Office C.E.O is quite comfortable in hiding behind the skirts of national security and defeats the purpose of Freedom of Information Laws. This comment is already under fire by some Politicians.

Fiji's financial future is indeed bleak, taking into account real statistics.

The wedge issue of Land in Fiji politics will only be resolved by revelutionary thinking by all stakeholders who want change.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Stale-mate for Fiji's future.

The landowners of Mahogany plantations in Tailevu are up in arms again, due to non-payment of leases only underlines the end-game situation for frustrated landowners.
It is obvious the land tenure system in Fiji must change.

Fiji landowners block roads in protest.
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Added to the loggerheads over land, is this legal conflict between Fiji Labour Party Head, Messr Mahendra Chaudary and Fiji Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase that must end somehow, for the betterment of the nation of Fiji.

The 2006 election campaigning is officially underway in Fiji when you hear speeches
that are sabre rattling and often border on incidiary like the words of Assistant Minister Nanise Nagusuca, who is guilty of scraping words from the bottom of the cultural-hate barrel.

Cultural Entrepeneurship.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Muddy influence of Chiefs in Constitutional Debate.

Fiji Nursing Students online. Welcome to Cyberspace!
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Convicted and released Senator Dimuri is at it again, trying stir up the pot of racial hatred, in order to get mileage prior to the 2006 elections.
WIth all due respect to Fiji's Vice President, However Stuck in Fiji Mud believes in the legal principle of "Stari Decisis" and has the perception that; It is unbecoming for the Vice-President to raise the issue of dual court system for customary laws. He advocates the setting up of a dual court system, but the Vice-President's reasons are convoluted and lacks substance.

For instance, the V.P seriously glosses over the abusive land tenure system administered by Native Lands Trust Board which hampers the social mobility of landowners. That same system has forced land into the political sphere.
Wasn't that was a catalyst for Fiji's calamities in 2000?

The only alternatives that Stuck in Fiji Mud advocates; is the unbundling of Native Land Trust Board. Everything else in Fiji politics will align to this new equilibrium.

Kids in Fiji's capital: Suva.
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This model envisioned by these nationalist legal scholars is as follows:

The success of the Fijian Courts will depend on the commitment of all villagers. The Government supports the idea of the Fijian Court system or the dual court system.

The Fijian Court, abolished in 1967, was the enforcement arm of the Fijian administration and consisted of the Tikina Courts and the Provincial Courts.
They were respectively established under section 16 and 18 of the Fijian Affairs Act cap 120.

They administered the Criminal Offices Code, Lawa i Taukei, the Fijian Affairs (Appeals) Regulations, the Fijian Affairs (Courts) Regulations, the Fijian Affairs (Extramural Punishment) Regulations, the Fijian Affairs (Provincial Councils) Regulations, the Fijian Affairs (Interpretation) Regulations and the Provincial (Public Health) Villages) by-laws of each province.

Each tikina had a court with a native magistrate. Compliance with the regulations was overseen by the administration head of the tikina (Buli), supported by provincial enforcement officers (ovisa ni yasana).

The abolition of the regulations and dismantling of the Fijian Courts in 1967 followed changes in policy concerning the Fijian Administration.
It was decided that the entire system needed to be reviewed to allow Fijians to be part of the mainstream rather than developing separately.

It was also apparent that social changes among Fijians such as improving and increased levels of education and urbanisation had brought different attitudes no longer content with quiescent communalism.

The Cole Report of September 1984 (Parliamentary Paper No 56 of 1985) recommended the consideration of the revival of the Fijian Courts and the Regulations.
The basis of the review was that:

“If there is to be more effective provincial administration down through the tikina to the village this must be reflected not merely by the structures of representation in the councils of the people and the administration but also in the system by which law and customs are communicated and maintained.”

Stuck in Fiji Mud maintains the position that creating such a system is duplicitory. This model is tediously slow to gain returns and distracts attention away from the root cause of indigenous frustrations.

On another note the Fiji Media Council hosted Forum on Poverty raises the theme of Attitude Adjustment, which the Fijian Native administration, have yet to adopt.

Qarase launches Fiji's newest Internet Service Provider: Unwired.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Uphill battle against Corruption in Fiji.

Fiji Government bans International Evangelist screams the headlines of most dailies. The decison to
ban Rev Sun Myung Moon is probably related to fears of having patrons of his church in Fiji. A form of religous segregation with terrorism laced purposes that obviously impinges on the constitutional rights. Nothing new especially when Parliamentry proceedings of investigations take the slow boat to China. The financial position of Fiji's only super annuation scheme ( Fiji National Provident Fund) has relinquished the fiduciary interests of their registered members and has superceeded those rights with Fiji Government's unbridalled thirst for money and corruption, within the ranks. This Fiji Live article explains the reason of how the income of a nation via taxes will require greater scruntiny, as such attracts internal resistance.

FIRCA stands by tax secrecy provision
Tuesday December 06, 2005

The Auditor-General does not override the secrecy provisions of the Income Tax Act and the Value Added Tax decree, says the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority.

The authority today set the record straight saying that the assertion was rejected by FIRCA and this decision had been made known to the Auditor-General.

FIRCA chief executive Tevita Banuve said the Auditor-General did neither in the past or present have such a right, having regard to the provisions of the two acts administered by the authority.

"Taxpayers confidentiality is at the very heart of the tax system and without the strict maintenance of same, the very foundation of the tax base is imperiled," he said.

"This is the pattern in every civilised state. FIRCA, which forces taxpayers to divulge sensitive personal information, is under a strict duty to maintain confidentiality of same.

"The entire basis upon which the revenue laws are administered is undermined if taxpayers cannot rest secure that FIRCA will respect the secrecy of their personal affairs," Banuve said.

Referring to statements made by the Auditor-General Eroni Vatuloka in public that the situation was same with Reserve Bank of Fiji, Banuve said RBF access, such is specifically provided for within the Income Tax Act itself and the collaborative statutory arrangement between FIRCA and RBF, is essential to the functioning of the tax system.

Banuve said the authority was not obstructing access.


It was about time, some of these Senators from Fijian dominated constituencies raise the issue of Native Lands Trust Board and their litany of
abusive power over the Fijian landowners in Parliament.

This letter to Fiji Times Editor rationalizes the depth of the mud, which Fiji and her people are stuck in.

Parliamentary debate

I AGREE with S. Tuiteci's suggestion to televise parliamentary proceedings on a dedicated channel (FT 3/12).

In the US, there are two cable channels C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2 which run daily proceedings of the US Congress.

They also run proceedings of the British House of Commons, book reviews and public speaking engagements in educational programs.

I think the benefit from such a channel would be tremendous. People will be able to follow the proceedings, the conduct and contribution of elected officials and judge for themselves.

When Parliament is not in session, the station could buy and run tapes of the US and UK parliamentary debates.

It will help students of politics and politicians learn from the eloquent techniques of their overseas counterparts.

As for funding the station, political parties can buy time slots to advertise their messages for the coming election.

Book reviews on the channel could help generate interest in reading and raise the standard of literacy. It will also give authors a platform to advertise their work.

I sincerely think the government should invest in such a worthwhile venture, since it owns much of Fiji TV.

Praneet Singh

What a week

WHAT a week we had the chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs correctly pointing out how many Fijians wrongfully live below the poverty line. We have seen our elected representatives on both sides of the house acting more like performing seals than the politicians we elected them to be.

We have a stalemate on the land issue which benefits no one, least of all the landowners.

The Leader of the Opposition wants more Talanoa talks, even though he appears to have reneged on agreements that were made in past Talanoa sessions.

The Prime Minister continues to place ads in the newspaper to justify his position, which probably pleases the newspaper owners and his professional speech writer, but achieves very little in real terms.

Frankly, the people's representatives on both sides of the House should be ashamed of themselves.

Only a few of them are worth a fraction of the salary and expenses they draw.

They spent the past four years looking after their own interests first before the country and we will benefit if they sought alternative employment.

It is probably futile to hope that the next government and Opposition party will understand the value of land management and that land which lies fallow, like the 6000 terminated leases and surplus land the PM refers to, is worthless.

It benefits no one and does nothing to lift people from below the poverty line.

The Government should realise that a country's most important asset is the people and it is impossible to spend too much on education, starting at home and at pre-school.

It is the only way to lift a race out of poverty.

It's a pity that leaders of today do not realise that being driven at high speed in a four-wheel-drive with tinted glass gives them little vision.

But then, the four-wheel-drive is the status symbol they all aspire to a shame, really.

Rick Rickman

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Treading water in Fiji's morality.

Fiji's layer of Incompetance.

Fiji Auditor General is getting the support from others to get more legislative muscle, to assist them in fighting corruption.

Fiji Navy Personnel

As always, those who reject such changes are afraid of being under the spotlight. Qarase's failure to pass any new Bill due to the lack of suport from the opposition in Parliament, is a failure in consulations.
Another failure of gross magnitude is the delays in court hearings, that contribute to justice denied.

Fiji's Foreign Affairs Minister.

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