Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Changing tides of Fiji politics.

Law reforms in Fiji is slow like the wheels of justice. Fiji Labour Party's proposal of electoral refrom in Fiji is the foundation of new paradigms that will change the rules of Fiji politics for the better.
Things don't look rosy for Qarase's government, due to more people defending their legal rights in court simply because of predictable belligerence.
Qarase is also cocky about contesting the Lau provincial seat during the 2006 elections, which will see him compete against a chief. After the dust settles, voters in Fiji will have the last say, regardless of what the S.D.L/C.A.M.V coalition think.

That same attitude by S.D.L/C.A.M.V coalition threatens to turn the Catholics against them due to their double standards. That is the muddy depths of chained development in Fiji which will just aggravate voters and will influence them to kick those corrupt rascals, out of power.

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