Monday, August 15, 2005

The dwindling gatekeeping role of Fiji Government.

Fiji's Mafia Attorney General is trying to make thieves of everybody with his despicable code of ethics. On the economy, Dependency mentality is
being dished out by Fiji's greedy financial institutions.

Fiji voters will be out for blood during the 2006 elections. Prompting S.D.L party to
to jettison dead weight. This is in the wake of the formation of the grand Fijian coalition which is self-destructing due to internal conflict before any political shot is fired.

Fiji journalist are undergoing training to scrutinize government statistics on education is excellent. The general standard of reporting in Fiji media often acts as a stenographer rather than adopting an investigative role. The issue of editorial interference by Government has not been addressed yet.

The crucial issue of 2006 elections of land, sugar industry has
not been resolved because the R.T.U Bill was given priority by Qarase's corrupt government.
Reform like this amendment to the Audit Act Bill is good for Fiji's financial position. However this Bill must be accompanied by "Freedom of Information" legislation so that the Fiji citizens can be better informed of their Government's performance. Not lip-service or muddy rhetoric by spin doctors.

The youth of Fiji are crying out for a brighter future.
Not a nation riddled with class warfare, racial discrimination and selective development.

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