Monday, August 22, 2005

Old Farts in Government are Fiji's public enemy #1.

Qarase is seriously in damage control after a scathing report by the Auditor General higlighting the perpetual cycle of corruption in Fiji.
This culture of greed is even propogated by crooked executives like Lionel Yee.
Rural development is being hampered by lazy district officials in Fiji. Compounding that is the systematic abuse of landowners by Native Lands Trust Board. It is increasingly evident that Fijian landowners are losing patience with that colonial institution who have been hoodwinking them from time memorial. As usual the Fiji Government is selective of it's rule of law and the council of chiefs are divorced from grass root realities or technology applications in Fiji culture, like this Fijian language Spell-check project. Same for Fijian Academic Dr. Asasela Ravuvu's unsubstantiated comments demonstrates the dubious agendas of the old farts in Fiji.

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