Monday, June 16, 2008

No military coup will sustain in Nepal: Ex-Fijian PM

Former Prime Minister [and 1987 coup leader] of Fiji Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka has said that military coups would not sustain in Nepal.

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  1. Tired of this guy10:06 PM

    Why does our village idiot get to parade around the world and make these stupid declarations.

    First of all. He needs to shut up on commenting on Nepal.

    Fiji cannot offer Nepal any advice. That country has been in the middle of a Marxist insurgency for YEARS resulting in the loss of lives numbering in the thousands.

    And Rabuka wants to talk about how they can learn from Fiji's lessons?

    Give me a break. The man is increasingly delusional and it's clear the senility of old age is sinking in.

    He says there was no foreign support for his coup. Right... the M-16 rifles his soldiers carried were manufactured at a plant in Caukadrove? And now he says there was no enemy in the coup.

    Next thing, he will not remember having carried out a coup.

    Why is this man still in the public sphere? Why does he get to spread around his stupidity like foul-smelling manure?