Monday, January 16, 2006

Pains of Democracy.

Fiji Prime Minister and Fiji Army Commander have arrived to an amicable solution during their high powered meeting.
However it is evident that bad blood stil exists as demonstrated by the vile comments from Kadavu Provincial Council Chairmain.

Clearly Messr Josateki Nawalowalo has the intention of entering Politics and should resign from the Provicial Council and the Fiji Yaqona Growers Association, he is Chairman of.

Rhetoric that is re-prehensible and only underlines the problems of block voting without justification and also reflects the Provincial Council's intention in being in Politics. This argurement has been reiterated by the Executive Director of a Fiji based N.G.O, Citizens Constitutional Forum(CCF).

Fijian Holdings, the investment arm of the 14 Provinces of Fiji are quite accustomed in touting their mediocre profits. This entity must be investigated, for their role in 2000 Coup. It has been documented that Fiji Holdings Board room; was used in the pre-liminary meetings for the coup. Fiji Police must now get off their backsides and investigate, with vigor.

Placing scrutiny on the Fiji media for their coverage and investigating statements by Politicians as suggested by the Police Commissioner; is a witch hunt that takes away vital and scarce resources meant for the 2000 Coup investigations.
Stuck in Fiji Mud wonders what side of Justice the Police are located; when they are continually perceived as; jumping from one case to the next.

As the recent actions of the Fiji Police resembles the proverb: "The squeakiest wheel, gets the most oil!"

C.E.O of the Fisheries Department has been fired along with C.E.O of Civil Aviation Authority who have been abusing their office.

Stuck in Fiji mud welcomes the rolling of heads; to uphold the rule of law and ponders if, criminal charges will follow.

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